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Two thousand years ago, when Yeshua taught his disciples from the mount and plane, they were given the divine GPS that would lead them down the narrow way to life. Encoded within the message was a warning of a great deception, which plagues the world to this day. And so, as Yeshua taught his disciples, he gave them key characteristics, commandments that would ensure they would bypass the wolves in sheets clothing, and fulfil their role as the light of the world. But, how are his commandments to be fulfilled? How are the key characteristics to be obtained if there’re imposters in the way lusting after your attention?

In ‘Yeshua’s Disciple - The Narrow Way’ you will learn everything you need to know in order to avoid deception; how Catholicism bred Protestantism; and how each major denomination come into being; you will learn how to distinguish the truth from denominational traditions; you will learn how to discern from the bible the truth and how to distinguish it from deception; and you will learn to walk the way of life in spirit and in truth.

Begin your walk down the narrow way, with this insightful and eye opening book from Marcus Da Costa.

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