Sabbath Service Teachings

Exploring the Gospels

Watchmen Upon the Tower

Yeshua's Disciple

The Parable of the Sower

In Yeshua's Name

Babylon, The Beast & Bride

Psalm 92

He Is Able

Adultery, Fornication & Perversion

The Kingdom Manifesto

Pray without Ceasing

Pride, Prejudice & The Gospel

What You looking At?

Watch Your Mouth

An Equipping Network


Governments, Kingdoms & Citizenship

The Discipleship Diet

Are You Circumcised?


Are You Wasting God's Time?

An Evangelistic Community

The Disciples Were Called Christians

Are you called but not chosen?

A Worshipping People

Salvation, Antichrist & The Jews

Mark of the Church & Sign of God

Marriage, Submission & Love

Women teacher, submission & silence

The Curse of The Law

Are You Justified?

 A More Excellent Way

For by grace are ye saved!

Ministry of power!

A Sound Mind

There is no fear

For God so loved...

Which Master Do You Serve?

Do Christians Celebrate Easter?



The Kingdom

The Lost Sheep

Repent and be baptised

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Holy Spirit

Healing & Worship

The Disciple

The prophet

The New Covenant