The Curse of The Law - FREE Download

House of Israel London

The Bible speaks of different laws including those of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Herod, of men, and the Law of YeHoVaH, our Creator. Mankind’s religions have their own laws and traditions that their leaders say we “must” follow. But the Almighty says that if we fail to follow His Law, that we will be “cursed.” What is this curse?

For millenniums, religious people have preached a very different Gospel than the one that Messiah Yeshua taught, lived, and left for all believers for all time. That Gospel of the Kingdom talks about an obedient Savior who kept his Father’s Laws and appointed times. Yet most people ignore what Yeshua said and modeled in favor of manmade religions and their holy days and traditions.

Why do people who call themselves “saved” honor manmade laws and traditions instead of those established by YeHoVaH at creation? What is the curse people claim that those who obey the commandments of YeHoVaH go under?

Discover why those who reject the Law in favor of Judaism, Christianity or other teachings are living in a cursed state of Lawlessness that is powerless to redeem. The Curse of the Law is only upon those who are Lawless! True followers of Messiah have the testimony of Yeshua (Jesus), are obedient to YeHoVaH’s Law, and are richly blessed.

It is each our choice: Salvation and Blessings, or The Curse of the Law and the death that it brings. Choose wisely!

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