Maria J Bank Munoz

"I have been blessed with many messages and teaching shared by this ministry. We follow Yeshua and abide to Him and His torah and here I have found many strong and always biblical teachings shared by our brother. God bless you always and thanks for sharing biblical teachings with us all over the world! Shalom to you all"


Kwame Chima

"The teachings are unadulterated words of Yehovah structured for these days we're living"


Sandy Clanton

"I really enjoy the teaching of the word. Marcus speaks the truth and is very encouraging. Every time I listen I learn something new. Blessings to you from America"


Dani'el Taffou

"May God our Lord keeps on Blessing your Ministry."


Rachael Bat Yacov

"Shalom! Glory Halleluyah I give thanks for Pastor Marcus for his teaching, edification, encouragement of the gospel of the Kingdom. Sharing the emet! YeHoVAH 🕊Leading the way ... yes... in ruach and in emet! Yeshua HaMashiach is our Messiah! Called of YHVH to proclaim the glad tidings unto the nations! Speaking forth the oracles given unto the Remnant and teaching and leading with the compassion of Messiah to shepherd the flock gracefully serving and speaking unto the righteousness lead by Ruach Kodesh. Praying for this ministry with thanksgiving and joy! For you are faithful in little ... ABBA is expanding your tent! Rejoicing and believe for all you ask for to be abundantly supplied. For you are blessed and highly favored by the Father! Glory Halleluyah"


Rosalind Frøysadal

"Comforting, scriptural and upbuilding teachings!"


Janet Holguin

"I thank Father Yehovah for guiding my path to finding family of faith, that truly walk out and live by the very words of our Messiah. Here with HOI London, I am shown and taught through straight scripture how to connect back to our heavenly Father Yehovah. I have come from two different kinds of denominations, and when I was apart of them, I always felt like there was more missing from my walk and connection to our Messiah and to the Father. I was blinded in outward traditions, thinking I was living out scriptures in there fullest, because I never searched out my former teachers teachings. Now that my eyes have been opened to the warnings of false teachers and teachings, from finally reading the scriptures for myself, I told Yeshua where am I to go, who can we (my family and I) fellowship with, lead us to those You have entrusted Your Truth to. So here I was lead, seeing and finding my missing pieces to my connection with Father and Messiah. Here I'm not lead through unscriptual traditions with cherry picked verses, but shown and taught through context of scriptures with their rightful meanings both in Hebrew and Greek which has made my walk in Messiah more in depth to Truth. I no longer walk confused or disconnected, with a sense of "going through the motions", but walk totally connected to the Father in Messiah with confidence and strong understanding. Thank you again my Father Yehovah for guiding me to family here at HOI London. I am encouraged, I am equipped, thanks to you HOI London for taking us in. My family and I are blessed. Our prayers are with you Pastor Marcus, your family, and all our brothers and sisters over there. We send our love to you all!!!"


Kendra Mascoll

"These teachings are life changing!!! Pride, Prejudice and the Gospel had me look at things in a whole different way...I am truly grateful for HOI London and the truth that it brings forth every Sabbath!!!!"


Marlene Cabrera

"Grateful for the Truth. It is absolutely an eye opener for myself which allows me to work on things that are not pleasing. Direction for me was always questionable within myself. No matter what they teach they always recommend to continue to search in the word as to what is written."


Adrian Durning

"A ministry with great life changing Biblical teaching!"


Linda Cherry

"The series of “The Narrow Way” has been so helpful in my transformation from what and how I was taught in Christianity to teachings of the true gospel of the Most High. This particular series, I feel, is imperative for someone who has been awakened and is new to this Journey of Life. Brother Marcus’ perceptions of the scriptures are profoundly authentic. I recommend “The Narrow Way” to all new Truth seekers." 


Haley Perkins-Rueb

"I am thankful for this ministry, it is very encouraging to hear truth brought forth, and to see the ministry and the people it reaches grow. Keep searching, preaching, and reaching, for the glory and kingdom of Yehovah our God!"


Aviyah Chaverim

I love HOI London. Marcus truly serves as he leads with an interactive approach with the saints. He is very supportive in equipping the saints so that they are ready to move forward to the calling Yahovah has in their lives no matter male or female. He is very approachable and responsive, something I truly appreciate in a ministry.