Mark of the Church & Sign of God - FREE Download

House of Israel London

What is the Mark of the Church? What is the Sign of God? People who claim to love God believe they are doing what the Bible tells them do, without ever reading the Bible. They simply trust those in “authority” at their congregation, Church, Synagogue or Shul to be accurate in their interpretation of Scripture. However the truth in Scripture is rarely set forth to others in the context in which it was written. Early Church “Fathers” and “Elders” as soon as the first century began to add to and take away from what God commanded people of all generations to do. The true gospel is not just a message about “believing” in a Messiah. The Laws of YeHoVaH are still relevant and required today. God gave us a sign that distinguishes those who follow the Messiah from those who follow someone or something else. But due to man’s interpretations, doctrines and traditions, a very different Messiah and gospel have emerged and been accepted by the mainstream as “truth.” People pick and choose what they believe and do based on religions of men. As a result, the mass majority follow a false gospel and won’t do or believe what the Messiah and his disciples believed, taught and lived. Discover the irrefutable Mark of the Church that is very different from the Sign of God that has been mistaught or ignored for millenniums. Renew your walk on the narrow path to find freedom today in this powerful teaching. Published by Higher Heart Productions

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