Are You Justified? - FREE Download

House of Israel London

Works or Faith? Even as believers in Messiah, we can often misread, misteach or otherwise accidentally miss the intent of what has been written in Scriptures. Many people believe that they are justified in their faith by faith alone. Others believe that in order to be justified in the faith, they must "do" the works that Messiah and his followers did. Many rely upon certain Scriptures for justification while rejecting others. They don't have a clear understanding that every book of the Bible is part of a larger story still being told. What is the truth about justification? What does it mean to be justified? Are we walking in the faith correctly? What did Messiah teach and how may we apply it in our lives today? Don't miss this powerful but direct teaching to help you walk in the footsteps of Messiah as he desires for all believers.

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