Baptism Training Sunday

5th of May 11am @ House of Israel Academy 

  • What Baptism is
  • What baptism isn’t
  • Why baptise?
  • Should you be baptised?
  • Who can and can't be baptised
  • How to baptise
  • Inclusion into the immersers network


 Baptism in Yeshua's name

12th of May / Various locations

Herne Bay Beach / Kent / UK
Sand Haven Beach / South Sheilds / UK
Southend-on-Sea / Essex / UK
Yorktown Beach, Yorktown Va / USA



The Feast of Weeks / Harvest / Pentecost / First Fruits

May 18th at sunset to May 19th at sunset

Weekly Sabbath service / May 18th 1pm / Newcastle 

Dedicated Feast service / May 19th 1pm / Newcastle for further details