Events 16.5.21

The 3rd New Moon


Projected on the 14th / 15th May at sundown


Baptism in Yeshua's name - 16.5.21

If you desire to be baptised in Yeshua's name, I'll be at Formby Beach on the 16th of May 2021 at 11am. If you live in or near Liverpool; Manchester; Warrington; Blackpool; Huddersfield; Leeds; Chester; Wrexham; Soke-on-Trent; Sheffield; Bradford and beyond come and join me.

If you are driving, there is paid parking (have change available) near the beach. Please use this post code L37 1LJ. You'll find the car park at the end of Victoria road (red arrow).

If you're arriving by public transport, there's a local train station called Freshfield (blue arrow) that's within walking distance.Here is what you'll need on the day:- Bible; change of clothing; towels; food and drink to share; suitable footwear. 

I want to encourage you to pray in advance for safety and security of those travelling; for tremendous weather; and for the presence of the Most High to be with us. 

 As far as I'm aware there are toilets within walking distance. However, I presume no changing facilities on the beach. I suggest if you desire to change at the beach, and are concerned about this, then you purchase a changing/shower tent. I hope to bring one , but it is safer to presume nothing will be available unless you provide it for yourself if you feel you need one. 


If you desire to join me at Formby Beach at 11am please contact me at


I am so excited to see you all. 


May YeHoVaH be with us


The Feast of Weeks / Harvest / Pentecost

The Feast begins at sundown on the 22nd of May

Our dedicated feast service will begin at 1pm on 23rd of May