Transformation Caribbean || 2024 Missionary Journey🛩 



At the beginning of this year, I spent time in Trinidad, and the Bahamas - baptising people in Yeshua’s name; teaching the gospel of the Kingdom; anointing people for the work of ministry; laying hands on the sick; and casting out demons.


In the first quarter of 2024 I’ll be continuing this work, but by God’s grace taking it to a next level. 


By God’s grace, Transformation Caribbean will be a missionary journey that will last around 3 months that will include:


Launching ministries; ordaining ministers; baptising people in the name of Yeshua; preaching the gospel of the Kingdom; discipleship; fellowship; laying hands on the sick and casting out demons.


As were in the planning stages, I want you to have an opportunity to welcome this move of God in your nation.


If it be Father’s will I could visit you; your church; congregation; your home to teach or to baptise in Yeshua’s name 


Or if you’d like to join me in the Caribbean message me at


Finally, if you’re unable to make it, but would like to support the Transformation of the Caribbean you can do so by clicking the link below. 


I’m looking forward to this powerful move of God. I hope you’ll be able to join us. 





The Feast of YeHoVaH || (Tentative dates)



Dedicated service - 26.9.23 1pm



Dedicated service - 1.9.23 1pm


THE 8th DAY - 7.10.23 (EVENING) 

Dedicated service -  8.10.23 1pm