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What Is Submission? In a world that grows increasingly rebellious, the idea of submitting oneself to another person appears for some distasteful, for others unbearable. So marriages fail, families crumble and governments topple as people all try to do things their own way in a fight for “equality.” Remarkably, the one thing most people are unwilling to do is the very same thing that is absolutely essential and required by the Almighty in order for people to walk in Kingdom authority and to live peaceful, fruitful lives with the full blessings of our Heavenly Father. Understand the hierarchy established at creation that has been usurped by religious and secular peoples to oppress, control and violate women’s “rights” and the Kingdom principles the Almighty established and Messiah taught and demonstrated. Realize how incorrect teachings on submission in churches over millenniums have wrongly impacted the roles of women (and men) in Marriage, Relationships, Churches, Institutions, Governments and Life. True equality begins with submission! Explore a concept foreign to many, yet vital to all in this groundbreaking book.

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