You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

September 13, 2017 1 Comment

From the teaching Watch Your Mouth!- Anatomy of the Inner Man

Greetings everyone!  There is so much going on around the globe.  Destruction is all around us and many people are suffering loss of loved ones and property.  It's been a time for me to reflect that someone is going through life right now with tremendous sorrow and heartbreak.  I have no reason to complain so I need to put my "problems" in perspective and see how I can help and minister help to someone in need.  I've been doing a lot of praying for others lately.  Father is guiding me to shed many old ways and one of those is apathy.  Sometimes we see things on TV and feel sad for those suffering, but if it doesn't directly or affect us or someone we love, we can become numb to the real suffering others experience.  What would I want someone to do for me if I were in that situation?  I'd want tangible help - food, water, shelter, clothing, the means to buy other necessities.  I'd want people to intercede for me before the Father - prayer.  I'd want comfort and true compassion.  So right now, I'm letting the Father expose the me areas that need adjusting.  Areas where I'm apathetic and cold.   It's not that I'm trying to be that way, but the flesh just looks out for its own interest.  I don't want to be deceived into thinking I'm doing the will of the Father entirely because I feel good about being obedient in one or two areas.  I'm maturing towards that "360".

This teaching is paramount in maturing towards being "360".  If you're confused about what that means, I mentioned it in a previous blog.  It's a slang military term that implies proficiency in all areas of duty and responsibility. However, I understand that as disciples, we are always maturing so it's an ongoing objective to walk in power and maturity through Messiah.  I can describe my journey as coming to truth about 5 years ago as elementary.  I made lots of changes and then experienced a slow, somewhat steady growth that dipped, peaked, and plateaued.  I began experiencing some turmoil in my life about a year ago that I now know was Father pushing me to graduate elementary school and go on the next step.  More recently, in the last 4-5 months, the push was the strongest it's ever been and I'm so grateful for the teachings that have come out this ministry over the last month because they've helped bring clarity and tools necessary for my growth to go on to the next step.  Understanding the power of my words is fundamental for me.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard that words have power, knowing that it was true, but for some reason, that truth didn't penetrate my spirit like it did with this teaching.  However, when Father is ready to draw you in, He knows exactly how to get to you.  He knows when you're ready.  When you're open to receive His truth and then He has it ready and waiting for you.  Praise YeHoVaH!  

After listening to the teaching twice, I had over five pages of notes and I told Marcus that I was blown away with the message he delivered.  If the ministry decided to make this into a manual, I definitely suggest that everyone reading this pick it up.  Just as Marcus mentioned in the teaching, this appears to be somewhat new information to many of us simply because we've been taught opinions as opposed to biblical truth. I've heard many explanations of what it means to made in the image of YeHoVaH, but I like how Scripture was used to explain exactly how we are.  Before the teaching, I never knew there was a difference between soul and spirit. They were interchangeable words for me, but with the concordance references and context,  I definitely see the difference.  When Father breathed the breath of life into Adam, he became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). We are made in the likeness of the Creator (Genesis 1:26) and we can see in many references that He is Spirit (Genesis 1:2). Your body is a soul when it is alive and it's the breath of life, which is Spirit, that gives life.  Because He is Spirit and He gave us His Spirit, we also have His mind as well. We have access to the things YeHoVaH has made available for us to know if we receive His Spirit.  When we operate according to what we have been designed to do, we will manifest His Spirit. We will declare His Word, do His will, and operate according to His laws. Those are some of the things that YeHoVaH laid out for us to know through His Spirit. So when we refer to our own spirit, heart, or will, we are talking about our awareness or mind.  He's given us His Spirit, but have we received it?  If our lives do not display His Spirit, then we know that we haven't received it.   Please don't confuse this with the New Age understanding because that's something totally different.  We do not desire to be the architects of our lives, the masters of our destiny in order to satisfy the lusts of the flesh. We know that He created us to glorify Him Isaiah 43:7.  New Age philosophy wants you to recognize the god within so that you can do exploits in the flesh and connect with spirits of darkness that they promote as spirits of power, peace, and prosperity; all so your never allow the Spirit of the Most High to take root in your heart.  

The most poignant concept I took away from this teaching was the explanation of how words, that are spirit, can pierce or build.  Now Marcus also gave very detailed explanations of the physical mechanisms involved in our speech process.  How thoughts are subsequently verbalized and how science can't explain how thoughts are transformed into speech.  Our thoughts come from our spirit, our awareness, and out of our spirit brings forth the measures of life or death.  Father is Spirit, speaks words that are spirit, made us in His image, and just like Him our words are spirit.  Do our words have power?  Yes they most certainly do and I'm beginning to understand this in a way I never have before.  Have you ever seen a parent that is very gentle with their child and one that treats their child with constant frustration and contempt?  You can see the difference in the way the children behave and how they view themselves in their own eyes.  Gentle words can build loving confidence and declarations of contempt can destroy the spirit.  Words have power because they are spirit and your words are meant to accomplish something.  What are we trying to accomplish when we speak harshly to someone for no good reason?  I'm not talking about a proper lounge lashing or rebuke, I'm talking about manifesting the works of the flesh here.  Harsh words rooted in the flesh are designed to satisfy the emotions of the speaker.  "I'm mad and it feels good to let you know how mad I am and I don't mind tearing you down in the process because you deserve it.  Maybe next time, you won't make me mad."  We've all been there, but when we are aware that our words pierce the spirits of others, we should be more cautious what spirit we are sending forth.  Are we speaking the words of life that come from the Master Yeshua?  If not, then we may need to keep quiet until we allow Him to speak through us.  

Additionally, when our own spirits have been pierced from the words of others, we have to denounce the seeds that we've allowed to develop in our spirits.  These words, that are spirit, can manifest as sickness and disease within us.  This is something I remember hearing from the New Age or Alternative Medicine communities, but I didn't really understand it.  Whenever I watched a documentary from these perspectives, I would skip over it because I didn't buy into what they were saying.  "No, just tell me what homeopathic remedy I can take to make me healthier".  That was what I was interested in, but now I look back and see that even worldly people somewhat grasp this concept.  Again, their understanding subtracts information about the Most High and his design for His creation.  It's like a veggie burger.  It looks like a hamburger, but where's the meat?  They give you a meatless (YeHoVaH-less) version of reality.  However, the truth is that there is a physiological response to spiritual actions.  I have an acquaintance that told me she takes medicine for anxiety and without even realizing what I was saying, I told her that medicine could not address problems of the spirit.  This was before I understood the connections of spirit and physical manifestations like I do today.  It's so sad when we go through life not discerning when Father is trying to get through to us.  We can be so full of the world that His voice is drowned out by all the other voices vying for supremacy.  Make sure that you are not just reading this with your eyes or listening to HOI teachings with your ears.  Take what you're hearing or reading and put it to use in your life.  Father is trying to equip His people so that they can reach others, but if we don't allow Him to start slaying these mighty kings that keep us in bondage; if we are trapped in a viscous cycle of operating in the flesh; if we don't establish the process laid out for us to deal with the flesh, we will constantly be a work in progress for the benefit of ourselves.  Never maturing into a vessel to be used by YeHoVaH because we remain bound to sin.  Remember this week to contemplate that you are made in His image and that your words, just like His, are spirit that penetrate the spirits of other people.  Make sure that the spirit you're sending forth, belongs to the giver of life.  Until next time...


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Norfleet Griffin
Norfleet Griffin

September 15, 2017

Thank you for your faithfulness and for your unique perspectives of the teachings Marcus presents. I always feel like I got everything from his teachings, and then I read your blog and see things I missed. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

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