A Season of Change - A Time of Transition

A Season of Change - A Time of Transition

March 03, 2021

"The Spirit says to me that this is a season of change, a time of transition, as season where it is imperative for His people to focus and tune in to His voice and follow His leading..." Arthur Bailey.


Deuteronomy 8:3

"...man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live."


A season of change and a time of transition were the words delivered to the body of Messiah by apostle Arthur Bailey, by the leading of the Spirit. These words were followed by an encouragement to sharpen our hearing to be able to hear his directives. In so doing, we'll be lead; our steps will be ordered.


It is then that our hearts can be in perfect peace, knowing that moment by moment he is with us.


So my encouragement to ALL is to join the saints around the word in a collective fast and period of prayer. So his directives, words can be clearly heard and responded to.


The collective fast and prayer will begin on March 7th at sundown. In order to galvanise the body of Messiah, I (Marcus Da Costa) will broadcast live to encourage, read and pray with you all. This broadcast will begin at 8pm (GMT).


The conclusion of the fast will be on March 10th at sundown. I am confident that there will be testimonies of divine revelation and inspiration; deliverance; healing; changes and transitions, and so at 8pm (GMT) there will be a testimony service via Zoom. This will be broadcast live and you are invited to participate. You can participate by sending an e-mail to be read, or to speak directly to the brethren on camera or through your voice only.


If you have not already committed unto joining us, then I greatly encourage you to do so.


YeHoVaH desires us to be ready, to be prepared for this transformationary season and time, so commit to dialling into the Father.


Shalom and my YeHoVaH be with you.

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