The Whole Bible in 1 Chapter

The Whole Bible in 1 Chapter

July 30, 2018 2 Comments

From the teaching Psalm 119

Greetings everyone!  If it sounds like I'm always complaining about the weather, I apologize, BUT I just have to share this!  Two Fridays ago, the thermostat on my car read 124oF/51oC and I have pictures to prove it!  My son and I were finishing up our last errand of the day and after I cranked up the car I noticed the air conditioner was not working.  I felt a slight panic try to enter the situation, but then my son and I prayed and began to drive towards home.  As we turned out of the parking lot, the AC began working and we were both praising Father because that would've been an uncomfortable ride home.  With all this unseasonably extreme weather going on, it reminds me of something I learned about the earth years ago.  The earth naturally goes through cycles of extreme temperature shifts whether hot or cold and while this is normal, man's behavior can contribute in positive or negative ways.  Knowing this does not absolved us from our duties to be good stewards of our "home planet" as my son likes to say.  This made me think about how this ties into Sister Juliet's teaching on Psalm 119. 

Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes 12:13 that the duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments.  The author of Psalm 119 is obviously experiencing persecution, but he chooses to make YeHoVaH his delight.  Just like the temperature shifts of the Earth, trials will come to each of us, but our behavior can have positive or negative impacts on our lives.  We have the choice to exalt the trial or exalt our Creator.  Many people across the biblically religious world will agree with the statement I just made, but one thing about Psalm 119 is that the writer specifically lays out that he delights in YeHoVaH and His laws, judgments, commandments,  testimonies, and precepts.  This is the line in the religious sand.  Understanding that His laws, judgments, commandments, testimonies, and precepts are not separate from Him is so key to walking that narrow path the Yeshua demonstrated.  He IS His Word.  He and His Word are one and Yeshua is that Word that once walked this Earth in flesh.

I loved the appreciation for YeHoVaH's Word that Sister Juliet brought in teaching this lesson.  Emphasizing the importance of standing firm in the law of the Father by the example of Yeshua and meditating on His Words every available opportunity is so important.  Brother Marcus also mentioned a vital truth that is easy to over look and that is to make sure that we are not looking at this book as mere words to read on a page, but to remember that His words are life to be lived out in living color and it doesn't begin in Matthew. Delighting is His commandments is exactly how our Messiah showed us how to walk and it's the common thread that Father wants us to see from Genesis to Revelation. Yeshua said that if we love Him, we'll keep His commandments in John 14:15.  He and His Father are one and Yeshua doesn't speak His own words, but those that the Father gives Him - John 12:49.  Psalm 119 is an early example of a person (David or Ezra) that submits his ways to the Father through the example at his disposal at the time - the written Torah.  We now have an even greater example of how to submit to the Father through the written Torah AND the spirit of the Living Torah Yeshua  - that Word that was once modeled in human flesh.

One thing that I was able to really grasp from this teaching is just to be reminded that we need to be mindful that we are truly seeking to have our hearts knit to the Father and delight ourselves in His ways.  The enemy works overtime to cause us to forget just who we are and what we should be doing, but through all of the distractions we have to be a people that set ourselves apart to live above the distractions, constantly meditating on His statues so that we will represent Him the way He desires and commanded.  So be encouraged through trials that Messiah left us an example of how to endure persecution and among many other biblical illustrations, Psalms 119 points out how to do that as well.  This is definitely worth meditating on and infusing these wise words into our spirits.


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August 01, 2018

Thanks Cassandra for summarising a long-winding message, making it brief and to the point. I need to learn good listening skills from you and Sharon. I enjoy and learn a lot from reading your blogs. Thanks.

Sharon Campbell
Sharon Campbell

July 31, 2018


Thanks for your inspiration! In my reading through the Bible, I am just starting the Psalms! I appreciated Juliet’s approach to the reading and explanation of Psalms 119.


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