The David Connection

The David Connection

March 26, 2018 1 Comment

From the teaching Pride, Prejudice & The Gospel: King David

Greetings everyone!  As the weather changes and we welcome the sun's warmth and beautiful spring flowers and green grass (well, I've yet to see anything green here in Oklahoma), we also welcome a new Biblical year!  This means that the countdown to the first feast of the year, Passover, is on.  I've been cleaning and preparing for the feast all while feeling  strong pulls from the Father to leave things behind that are hindering my continued growth.  Sometimes it feels like so much change is going on that I'm left with my head spinning.  It's definitely not a negative time, it just means there is lots of work to be done and to do it will require greater sensitivity to Father's voice and a strong work ethic to get it done.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this understanding!  

As Marcus continues the series Pride, Prejudice, and the Gospel, he ends the focus on the race based gospels with the connection of King David.  As I've learned during these teachings, the race based gospels are a very real and present danger to those that genuinely seek the Father's face.  Many people may risk losing precious years wallowing in falsehoods before they come out of the lies.  Think how useful they might have been to YeHoVaH if they had skipped that journey and come right into the knowledge and power of the truth.  Now that everyone can have a platform to preach their version of the truth, it's vital that we know the Scriptures as not to be carried off by every wind of doctrine.  It is really  heartbreaking to see people filled with so much hatred that they believe is biblical.  Many of us may scratch our heads in wonder that someone could use the Holy Bible to prop up a race based gospel, but it's been done for centuries and by all different shades of people.  How?  Because of paltering.  Taking truth and sprinkling it with untruth so that it has the illusion of veracity.  

The connections that aim to establish the fact that Father is no respecter of skin color or lineage in regards to who can be His, are highlighted throughout this series.  Here, Marcus once again shows the examples of those of the nations as heirs with the obedient native born of Israel in the promises.  Rahab in the book of Joshua, was not born an Israelite, but because of her faith in the Most High, she and her household were saved from destruction when Jericho was taken.  The genealogy of Yeshua includes the blood of this presumed Canaanitess along with the Moabitess Ruth; these women being the grand and great-grand mothers of King David, the line of Messiah.  When King David, illegally acquired the hand of Bathsheba  from Uriah the Hittite, we are shown more pictures of those of the nations living amongst the  nation of Israel, not as outsiders, but as grafted in individuals.  Uriah, more faithful than David, had the plans of YeHoVaH on his mind, while David, the King of Israel, was pandering to the flesh.  This caused David to commit unspeakable acts of treachery.   During those moments, David was not after Father's heart, but we see the Hittite was.

Cornelius in Acts 10 found favor in the sight of YeHoVaH because of his faith.  His faith produced actions in him that ministered to the needs of the needy and kept him before the Father in prayer.  He didn't know the Father, but he knew enough of Him that he desired to seek His face.  Think of the environment that Cornelius lived in amongst pagan Romans, yet he had a heart for YeHoVaH and Father honored this man's desire to be in communion with Him.  Cornelius was not denied of the Father because he was raised up worshiping in the wrong Temple, he was welcomed because he desired Father.  Before he was welcomed and discipled in the truth, Father had to deal with Peter about his race based gospel that was instilled in him thru Judaism.  We see Peter welcoming the correction of the Father and without hesitation doing what Father called him to do concerning Cornelius.  This is how we should be.  We all have some type of baggage and when Father calls us to let it go, we should leave it and move forward.   We have a job to do and it's not to build our own doctrines  based on human judgment.   The earth is His and everything that dwells in it (Psalm 21:1) and He loved the world so much that His desire is not to see His creation perish, but to receive everlasting life (John 3:16).   That's where we come in.  We are to be His hands and feet in the earth, going forth to call the people that have eyes to see and ears to hear to repentance and  turn to follow His ways through Messiah.   


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March 27, 2018

Nice commentary.

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