Mix & Match

Mix & Match

March 14, 2018 1 Comment

From the teaching Pride, Prejudice & The Gospel: The Mixed Multitude

Greetings Saints!  As I sit here typing, I'm reflecting on my journey of faith up until this point.  I'll never forget when I was younger how my mother would admonish my brothers and I about how we were too silly for her liking.  That never registered with me until I desired to mature....25 years later!  Father has definitely nurtured me along the very lengthy and present journey of maturation.  I'm starting to realize the fruit of our labor, the Father's and mine.  It is a labor of love for the Father to with work with and on His children.  If we labor with Him to produce the fruit in our lives that He is cultivating, what a harvest we will have!  Some of us need more TLC than others, but the key is to keep moving.  I remember early in my career as an Athletic Trainer hearing the American football running back coaches tell the running backs to keep driving their feet even if the defenders made contact.  The result could be gains of critical yardage needed for a first down or even a touchdown.  This may sound like I'm talking Chinese to some, but the bottom line is, don't let the opponent stop you from driving forward.  Keep those feet going because you don't have any idea what He has waiting for you even when it seems like you're dead in the water.  

Knowing that you have made covenant with the God that created the universe stands for something!  Our Father in heaven created the universe....let that sink in.  We love to study space in my home.  Our son, like his mother, is utterly fascinated with all things space related.  We have all sorts of space books from the library and I was reading a Space encyclopedia to him yesterday.  We were exploring all of the information about galaxies, supernovas, pulsars, and our solar system.  I explained to my son that YeHoVaH created all of this and He created each one of us!  We are His workmanship, created in Messiah Yeshua for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them - Ephesians 2:10.  Knowing this, the scope of Father's creation that we can see and understanding that the mind cannot even begin to imagine to totality of all He is and created, is humbling.  It's humbling because Father is so concerned with the wellbeing of man.  This is why the race based gospels that Pastor Marcus has been dissecting are very disconcerting.  When we understand our identity found in the Messiah, we dissolve all other relationships that unify us with the world.  These race based gospels are worldly and it's so evident to those that obey the Most High.  

The narrative of the mixed multitude that exited Egypt in the Scriptures is a shadow of the Gospel.  We have to remember that the good news was not established in the New Testament writings, it was realized.  This was in the works from Genesis, but the plan was being executed all along the way.  Genesis 26:4 states that in Abraham's seed, all nations of the earth will be blessed.  ALL nations, not only the sons of Shem.  See, when people choose not to be obedient to YeHoVaH, they will exalt  a quality they had absolutely no control over.  Why glory in the flesh?  We had absolutely nothing to do with the physical characteristics we were born with so why are we to glory in that?  We are not to do this, but some do.  Why?  Because it's the one thing that we can do nothing about.   If I was "deserving" enough to be born with physical attributes man considers superior, then I don't have to listen to a God that tells me that He is no respecter of persons (Deuteronomy 10:17; Romans 2:11).  That person doesn't even have an ear to hear what the Father says; they are so full of hate and lies.  

Our citizenship, our identity, is not found on our passport, birth certificate, religious denomination, or skin color - it's found in our words.  Our words, our deeds and thoughts reveal what we are aligned with.  Do we speak life or do we deal out words of death?  If you've made Yeshua lord of your life, then you are a blessed one.  

If Father were as fixated on skin color as a criterion for being in right standing with Him, He most definitely would've mentioned it at least once.  The perfect time would've been when Moses married the Ethiopian woman.  We see Father admonishing Aaron and Miriam for disrespecting Moses' wife, not commending them!  Father is concerned about us inventorying the thoughts of our heart and behavior.  The wife of Moses was part of the congregation because Father gave the people of the nations access to Him and made a way for them to be one with the obedient natural born of Israel.  Some of us come into the Commonwealth by faith and some by birth, but the way to STAY in is found in obedience to His law by faith - which is the embodiment of Yeshua.  His law is His word and it's what keeps His people as one people.  We are mixed, but we are matched to the Father thru our Savior Yeshua.  As one people, we uphold the everlasting seals and signs that we are joined with our Creator: the covenant of circumcision and the observation of the Sabbaths.  These are normally hostile considerations for the religious world, but He calls them everlasting, not works of the flesh.  "They've been done away with when Jesus died", is what some say, but we know better.  That's what happens when you come into covenant with a church or a religious denomination.  They'll teach you their doctrine as deemed fit for its congregants to adhere to.  Like the race based gospels, agendas are in no short supply, but what does He have to say on the matter?


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March 15, 2018

Thoughtful and true!!

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