An Army of ONE

An Army of ONE

March 20, 2018 1 Comment

From the teaching Pride, Prejudice & The Gospel: One Nation

Shalom Y'all!  This has been an awesome week!  I recently created a discipleship accountability group for those of us desiring to complete House of Israel's discipleship course by Passover 2019, YeHoVaH willing of course.  I began the course probably a year ago and didn't bother to finish, but I'm going to stay on track this time.  I'm excited by the renewed yearning to get back to things I've put off and tackling the new tasks Father is putting before me.  

As I'm becoming more active on Facebook, which I thought I'd left behind in my college days, I'm faced everyday with the reality of the human race.  I know that I'm a work in progress just like we all should be, but some of the things people feel compelled to share and engage is pure nonsense.  Marcus taught on Israel being one nation, not a nation with multiple nations within, but one nation with one law for all that belong to it.  Even in Messianic circles, a Christian-like mindset appears when some try to break up God's laws into ritual, moral, and ceremonial laws.  Suddenly these laws apply and these don't and they seem to be laws that nobody wants to be bothered with anyway.  The truth is that I can't say that is a Christian-like mindset because this is just what happens when men apply their "intelligence" to YeHoVaH's word instead of simply obeying.  

Obeying the Father's commands, just as Yeshua demonstrated and taught, is what keeps us as one nation bound to the Father.  We are like an army of one when we live in submission to our Father; a mighty nation.  Even though we are not living in the land promised to the children of Israel yet, we have every provision that we need to carry out Father's will.  The important takeaway for me in this teaching is to grow where you're planted.  Don't get distracted with the ifs, ands, or buts; just get busy doing what the Father has called you to do today!   Remember that throughout the Bible, obedience through faith is what YeHoVaH is looking for.  Your inheritance is irrevocable if you stay on His course; YOU are the only one that can allow it to slip from your grasp.  

Giving heed to doctrines of devils that limit your access to the Most High based on things you have no control over will only lead to wasted time, resources, and pain.  A good example that Marcus pointed out referred to Caleb, whose father was stated to be a Kenezite in Numbers 32:12.  I've read that some propose that it is improper to assume that this mention of Kenezite relates him to the Kenizzite people that inhabited Canaan.  However, whether that is the case or not, the fact that is being established is that obedience is thicker than blood.  There are plenty of examples of obedient individuals from the nations that have found favor in YeHoVaH's sight because of their demonstrated love from Him through obedience. 

 Father needs you to join His army of one so that His good news will saturate the earth.  We don't join to propagate our own agenda, we are required to submit to His.  We need to remember why we are doing this; it's not so we can just have a good time in the Father all by our lonesome.  It's to get equipped so that we can equip others to get out there and proclaim His glory.  We are ambassadors so that we can lead others into the light and when they are discipled in HIS doctrine and by HIS Spirit, they'll get out there and repeat the cycle.  


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Norfleet Griffin
Norfleet Griffin

March 22, 2018

I agree with you. Facebook is filled with back biting and doctrinal nightmares that make me wonder how anyone claiming to be a “Christian” can stomach any of it. I don’t claim Christianity any more. Haven’t in years. I just call myself a disciple of Yeshua and leave it at that. And one other thing: you are absolutely correct that Father wants us to be obedient through our Faith. And we cannot be obedient to Him if we are not observing Torah. So many don’t understand that because of Babylon’s myriad of false doctrines. As usual, a fine blog post, Sister

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