"What's on The Menu?" 4

June 02, 2017

From the teaching The Discipleship Diet 3

When I came to understand that the law of God, YeHoVaH, was still in effect today, one of the first laws I began to obey was to cut out the items that YeHoVaH deemed unfit or unclean for man to consume.  I also began observing the Sabbath on the seventh day, sundown to sundown.  I can't begin to express the growth that took place in my walk with the Almighty as a result of walking in obedience to His Word.  As a result, in my conversation with people that I knew and people I get to know, I have to explain these "weird" customs.  Why don't you do this or that on the Sabbath?  Why do you keep the Sabbath on that day?  Are you Jewish?  You don't eat pork!?  It almost seems like I can keep the Biblical Sabbath and wear those strange strings on my waist, but to reject the pig is tantamount to blasphemy! Well the Bible says that God gave us animals to eat, so why are you denying something made to be received? God called them GOOD! 

As I stated in previous blogs, I grew up in the Christian church, but didn't attend very much after high school.  I never really paid attention while I was in Church because I was more interested in socializing.  As a result, I didn't have this staunchly entrenched Christian doctrine that was hard to let go.  My challenges deal with other areas that are just as hard to root out.  However, I was, by default, harboring these doctrines. One of the first contradictions I  noticed was Matthew 5:17.  I was stumped at what I read and the explanation offered by Church leaders.  This is an example of this transition away from the bread from heaven Marcus talked about in last week's teaching.  Yeshua IS the true bread from heaven, John 6:32, and He proceeds forth from the Almighty.  He is the Word made flesh, John 1:14, and that means that He is the embodiment of the Word that was given to man to be in right standing in the sight of YeHoVaH.  That means that when we follow Yeshua, we walk as He walked and speak as He spoke.  He was our example of total submission to the Father and He wants us to follow His leading.  The doing away with the full counsel of the Most High has lead to a transition away from the bread from heaven to a counterfeit.  It's like having a bottle of high fructose corn syrup and chemicals on the table instead of plain old maple syrup.  It may taste the same, but it's not the same and is causing harm that you may not be able to detect right away.  One thing I observed about the statement in Matthew 24:5; Mark 13:6; and Luke 21:8 is that I used to think that it would be easy to spot the deceiver that calls himself "Christ".  That's easy to spot right?  You just know to stay away from the nut job on the corner saying that he is Christ.  We know how Messiah is going to return so that's easy is what I thought, but one thing that I feel Father has shown me is that those "coming in His name" are not reduced to someone verbally saying they are Messiah - could it be that it is a path or paths?  All these different paths/denominations that claim to be THE way to serve God.  Paths that teach against the very things Yeshua TAUGHT in exchange for stories ABOUT him. I just can't even begin to express how deceiving this is!   It's like the Spanish verbs for "know" - Saber and Conocer.  Basically, saber means to know of or about something superficially; but conocer means to be acquainted with something; to know of something intimately.  We may know of Yeshua or about Him, but do we KNOW Him? 

So as Marcus pointed out about the physical and spiritual transition away from the bread from heaven, it has consequences in the natural and spiritual world.  His people, who are to be called by His name, are living in rejection to His full counsel and the result is physical turmoil and spiritual weakness.  It is really sad when we consider the state that the believing world is in.  We have no concept of what the Father desires of us except how to be nice to others and going to service once a week.  I'm not dismissing these things, but what I'm trying to bring out is that there is a system of order that YeHoVaH has instituted for His people to follow and men have demonized it and twisted Scripture rendering it obsolete.  We have EXPLICIT commands from the mouth of YeHoVaH; a bunch of "thus saith the Lord" being erased by New Testament commentary!  Now Acts 20:7 is a basis for changing the Sabbath to the first day of the week!  That verse is commentary!  It's not a commandment. We forget  that Deuteronomy 12:32 commands us NOT to add to or take away from His Law.  Amos 3:7 enlightens us that Father will do nothing unless He reveals it to His prophets.  Well Yeshua, was THE Prophet - did He lay out the plan relating to the cancellation of The Law?  Remember, the Law was laid out systematically and orderly.  Where in Scripture, EXPLICITLY stated in like manner as the Law was given, was it overturned?  You won't find it.  What religion does, is give you a patchwork quilt of verses out of context to promote a manmade doctrine that forms the basis for rejection what was written. 

The earthly 'bread' that was given to be received has been expanded to include anything that our taste buds agree with.  The concept of clean and unclean is not obsolete (note 2 Corinthians 6:17).  We may not fully understand everything that Father has put before us, but one thing we don't want to engage in is dismissing it.  Many people don't feel that the Word is being dismissed because what they've been told is that Jesus ushered in a new covenant that doesn't include that old yolk that the Jews had to bear.  We are FREE!  Do we realize that when we believe that, that we are basically saying that we are free from the Most High? Don't let someone tell you that Mark 7 and Matthew 15 are about cleansing unclean things.  Read the whole exchange.  It uses wording that may seem confusing, but if this were a reading comprehension SAT question and I answered that the whole story is about unclean animals becoming clean, I'd fail!  BUT, because of the possibility that someone reading the entire exchange may see that it's about manmade doctrine that defiles, the translator(s) had to solidify their doctrine and add In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.

Acts 10 is also a commonly upheld permissive verse for eating what is abominable for humans, but I've noticed many people agreeing that this verse is about men and not unclean animals being viewed as clean.  Again, read it the story because it more than explains itself.  1 Timothy 4 in the eyes of some prove that everything is to be received with thanksgiving and is sanctified by the word and prayer.  Read it.  Doctrines of abstaining from things YeHoVaH gave for us to receive in HIS WORD and in His Word have been sanctified are not to be commanded as forbidden. Your preference is just that, YOUR preference.  Don't make new commandments and add yolks to the people.  We are not the Creator and He has already spoken and set apart what He considers food for us.  Preference within the confines of the Word is also addressed in Romans 14.  This passage does not give believers a pass to disobey what was written and sanctify another Sabbath or to create a category of things fit to eat that were never considered food.  Be convinced in our own minds to enjoy our preferences within the confines of the Word and not command others that they should enjoy beef over spinach or fast once a month every month.  If you want to fast every other Monday or eat oxtails, that's fine.  Enjoy your freedom to operate within His will as long as you do it unto Him.  Don't judge your brother if he eats a hamburger and you're a vegetarian.  Beef is CLEAN.  I know the wording "there is nothing unclean of itself" may present some confusion, but if you read the whole passage, it explains itself. 

1 Corinthians 8 edifies us about the climate that some believers found themselves in.  Believers living amongst the nations had challenges like getting meat that may have been sacrificed to idols.  Naturally, some people would be wary of partaking of such things, but Paul is saying that we all know that these idols that the meat may have been sacrificed to are actually nothing - just like Baal at the showdown on Mt. Carmel.  He didn't show up because he doesn't exist, however, Paul exhorts those that are strong in their faith (those that know idols are nothing) to show some compassion and restraint in eating such meats in the presence of those that may be offended, lest they become a stumbling block to them that are weak.

Finally Genesis 9:3.  There was already a distinction as to what was clean and unclean in reference to animals.  The wording can get a little puzzling, but we just know by being familiar with the full counsel of Scripture that YeHoVaH was not giving an allowance for eating all animals.  Remember that this was BEFORE Moses when the Law was written down on tables of stone.  The idea of clean/unclean was known to them already in Noah's day and it continues to this day.  Where the wording is a bit confusing, we have the entirety of Scripture to help us paint the picture.  As I always say, the inventor knows the product best and He has prescribed a diet for His people.  This diet includes the heavenly and earthy bread from heaven.  Eating it promotes earthly and heavenly nourishment for optimal performance.  Let's not let man tell us what we can and can't do.  The commandments of men will lead to rebuke just like when Yeshua scolded the Pharisees.  If He is our Master, then we yield to Him and His commandments and He constantly reminds us that His words come directly from the Father.  Remember when Yeshua was tempted, He responded with "It is written!"  What was written when he said those words was the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. That's how we assess what passes the sniff test.  Run it by the Scriptures before you accept what someone is trying to give you, even this!  Keep in mind that you'll stand before the Creator to give an account, not the pastor that may be misleading you.  We'd be wise to take this more seriously. 

So in closing, yes, I grew up eating abominations.  I can also attest that pig, lobster, and catfish was tasty, but I've repented for my disobedience - unknowingly and knowingly.  I don't even miss it.  Why? Why on earth would I want something that is unhealthy for me?  I know that many nations boast long life spans and they feast on abominations of earth, air, and sea, but that is not for me figure out why it is so.  I want to be in the will of the one true God, YeHoVaH.  That is the best reward and with it comes blessings in this life and the life to come.


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