"What's on The Menu?" 2

May 17, 2017

From the teaching The Discipleship Diet 1

One of my favorite fields of study is space.  It's an area that is just so fascinating to me and it has definitely rubbed off on my son.  I'm just in awe of the sheer magnitude of YeHoVaH's power and intellect.  I feel like my brain is going to explode trying to contemplate His existence, yet in all His glory and magnificence, He makes things really simple for us to understand.  He has laid out a plan, for those who would humble themselves before Him, to walk out on this earth.  Stick to the plan, no matter what.  Part of that plan covers what he designed to be food for the human body and how to treat the land so that it yields what it should for His people. 

YeHoVaH instructs His creation in Genesis 1:28 to subdue the earth and  exercise dominion over the animals.  It's also interesting that He describes the plant food to Adam as being able to "yield seed" in Genesis 1:29.  It seems that this information is just as important for us to know as it was for Adam.  In a world where "convenience" is idolized, deviations from YeHoVaH's plan are in no short supply.  Take, for example, this omnipresent seedless fruit.  I mean, how inconvenient is it for you to wrangle grape flesh from those annoying seeds?  Wouldn't you rather have a seedless grape?  Well, when I started to think about it........my answer was NO!  The seeds are there for a reason.  That's NORMAL.  Seedless is ABNORMAL.  The problem is that not many of us are not thinking at all.  We just consume, but Father has a system of operation that's been "improved" upon and the new system is exalted as ideal.  I remember when I heard of people scoffing at seedless produce years ago, I didn't really get what the big deal was.  I was more concerned with not eating things sprayed to death with chemicals or GMOs.  However, I never liked a seedless watermelon.  Even though I was "traumatized" as a child when my mother and grandmother told us children that if we swallowed a watermelon seed one would grow in our stomachs.  You'd think I'd gravitate towards the seedless version, but there was just something all sorts of wrong with a seedless watermelon in my eyes.

What I feel Genesis 1:11-12 & 29  shows us is Father's design of how things were intended to be from creation and nothing in that regard has changed.  So the produce that we see being sold today, that does not bear seed, is a deviation from His design.  As I heard someone say, "the inventor knows the product best", so a departure from the instruction manual will inevitably lead to malfunction.  Who knows the physical consequences of eating these things.  Does sterile produce contribute to human sterility or disease?  I'm not sure, but it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility. 

So while these abnormal crops are being touted as convenient, does the real reason point to us being moved away from self sustainment?  Like Marcus pointed out with the history of society moving from an agrarian to an industrial model, we are more dependent on the powers that be for everything.  When we are dependent, we are not in a position to subdue the earth, we are being subdued.  Now, you can only consume what is offered to you unless you are able to cut out the industrial middleman. And what they have to offer is what cost them the least amount to produce so that they can maximize profits.  That's right, the concern is profit, not quality and certainly not your well being. 

This week's teaching was a good eye-opener to realize that Father's design and plan for creation is what's best and unsurpassed by anything His creation can conceive.  His design and instructions for us touch every aspect of our lives.   When it comes to food, many Believers can agree on not wanting to eat things that have tampered with Father's design or the promotion of abnormalities as the norm.  Where we deviate is when some say that we shouldn't eat meat because it's not healthy and God didn't allow it in the Garden of Eden; that it was after the flood  in Genesis 9 that meat was permitted.  Some say that a few verses in 1 Timothy 4 and Mark 7:19 permit everything your taste buds approve of, but when these are read understanding the framework of what's going on, we can see what was really being dealt with.  Bottom line is - stick to the plan, no matter what.


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