What's on The Menu?

May 10, 2017

From the teaching The Discipleship Diet

So when I first saw what the topic of this week's lesson was, I was excited because this is one area that I'm passionate about.  It's one of the approaches I feel YeHoVaH used to bring about large-scale change in my life.  Much like in the message from previous weeks with circumcision, as we grow more knowledgeable of YeHoVaH's instructions and as we submit ourselves to Him, He will lead us to where He wants us step by step. 

So I began trying to eat clean before I took on eating Biblically clean.  I can't remember what YouTube documentaries I watched, but I was disgusted with what I learned was being done to the food supply.  My "healthy" journey went from not drinking sodas and cutting back on candy to eating Subway and WaWa sandwiches - that was my version of healthy back then.  Meanwhile, YeHoVaH directed me to follow His word and stop eating unclean things.  Probably like many of you were at first, I was not as diligent in the beginning as I am now.  I can remember eating a Holiday Inn continental breakfast and having the biscuits and gravy.  Now, I avoided the crispy bacon so I thought I was good, but lo and behold, midway through eating I learned that the gravy was made with pork.  You know what my response was?  "Oh well, I've already eaten most of it, might as well finish the rest."  That was the level of my "diligence" then.  I'm shaking my head typing this, but I thank Father for His desire to see us through and complete the work He's doing in us. Hallelujah!

Growing up in the American South, I was taught many superstitions, but one thing I really remember my Mother impressing upon us was, "You just don't eat over everybody's house".  Why?  Because when someone wants to "do something" to you, such as a hex or spells, they'll tamper with your food.  Now, I listened to my Mom, mostly because nobody cooks like Mama AND I was a germ freak, but when I look back, there is so much truth in that statement.  Pharmakia is the Greek word used several times in the New Testament and is translated as sorcery, administering drugs, etc.  I know there has been much debate over whether this qualifies taking Goody's Headache Powders as engaging in witchcraft and I'm not even going to go there.  However, my purpose is to highlight the connection between this "designer food" and Pharmakia.  Everything we put in our bodies is designed to have a physiological effect and some things have both a physiological and psychological effect.  What is disturbing today is the mass conquest of the world's food supply and now we don't have to just concern ourselves with eating Biblically clean, but that has grown to include things that encompass every aspect of our lives.  This Pharmakia, that is much more than what one can get at the pharmacy, is in your food, your air, your water, your lotion, your TV, and even your light bulbs!  It's ubiquitous!  Revelation 18  charges YeHoVaH's people to come out of this place called Babylon and warns of deception that the nations undergo through Pharmakia. We can draw parallels from what we read in Revelation to what we see going on today.  Modern Pharmakia is so much more sophisticated, so while Mom was right to warn us to be picky about where we eat, we couldn't have imagined that we would need an education to navigate the modern world the way we have to.  But, that is just what we have to do because if this body is a tabernacle for His presence, 1 Corinthians 6:19, then we must be mindful of what we do with it and what others want to do to it. 

So if you've purposed in your heart to abide in YeHoVaH's Word regarding food, that is great!  We know that Jesus didn't walk the perfect walk so that we can devour baby back ribs at Applebee's on Friday night.  As if the ban on pork was a yolk that was broken off of us.  No, we understand that what He designated as food long ago is still in effect today and what He warns us about in Revelation causes us to be mindful of the witch's "new brew".  This enormous, diversified, practice of modern sorcery.  And it behooves all of us to at least familiarize ourselves with what's in the food we eat and water we drink because whether you know it or not, these substances could contain abominations, work to destroy your health, and alter your neurological functions.  We're being worked on unsuspectingly and this is all without your consent; there is no informed consent.  So let's come out of Babylon.  Come out of her religions doctrines, her Pharmakia masquerading as food and useful technology, her dystopia - her rebellion against the Almighty.      



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