Uncommon Royalty

Uncommon Royalty

June 28, 2018

From the teaching The Kingdom Manifesto: Royal Priests

Greetings and salutations!  It has been a moment since the last blog as I've been on an extended sabbatical so to speak.  During my time away, I've gone on hiatus from social media and many other things and it's all for good reason.  Father pressed upon me to get into a place of quietness so that He could minister to me.  Still after three months, I am just starting to feel like I have permission to proceed forward with my work in this ministry while at the same time knowing that this will come to an end in the near future.  

I definitely value the openness and honesty in sharing my experiences and how they relate to the purpose of the teachings, but Father silenced me from ministry because I was not in a place to minister through this means or many others for that matter.  I have been blessed so much by the encouragement that has come forth out of this ministry and it has definitely lead me into a place to strive for a real relationship with YeHoVaH.  

The teachings on the Kingdom Manifesto have been very important for me personally, especially the latest on Elders and Royal Priests.  They are stark reminders of the value Father wants us to place on our position in the world.  Over the last few months, I've had a few changes in my life that helps me put things into perspective in light of the things Marcus points out in the teaching.  My husband and I are expecting a baby in the fall and during the midst of this good news we had to swallow the very bitter pill him deploying less than halfway through my pregnancy.  Despite this, I can only praise Father for His sustainment and that is not a cliché or empty statement.  

The teaching on Elders and Royal Priests really hit home to me because it highlighted the role of those of us that claim to be light bearers for the kingdom.  We are expected to represent a standard and we have to remember that what others SEE will be a strong picture of how they interpret the Father.  Before many people even pick up a Bible, they will judge what they encounter from people that claim to serve Him.  

1 Peter 2:9 states that we are chosen by Him to declare the praises of the One that called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light!  Praise Father for His redemption!  Now that we are reconciled back to Him, His goodness and mercy towards us should lead us into His arms where we will find the righteous path He wants to set before us.  His written Word sets forth the common path for all of us, but His spoken Word speaks to each and every individual.  This is why it is of the upmost importance that we aim to HEAR from our Father and apply all of His counsel in our lives.  This is truly walking out our royal status in the earth!

Royalty is ours for the taking, but it's not the world's interpretation of royalty.  Men call themselves royal for reasons of power, wealth, and to feather their own nests.  Men's royalty is only accepted because other men agree to it.  If you have wealth, that usually equates to power which men commonly use to impose their will upon others.  So now I can call myself royal because I have more than the masses and can exert my will over them - that's man's example of royalty, but in YeHoVaH's kingdom, the notion of royalty is based on the fact that we are supposed to advocate for the true King.  We all have to understand our place in His world and in His society.  As elders and royalty, there are things that are expected of us and just because we can't see YeHoVaH like we can see a flesh and blood king doesn't mean He isn't watching or won't bring swift correction.  When my family  was in the midst of our changes, I really had to make sure that I kept in the forefront of my mind that my son is watching me, my husband is watching me, my neighbors are watching me - He's watching me.  How do I respond?  Everything we face is has a purpose and whether good or bad, Romans 8:28 lets us know that He will work it all out for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  The key is that we love Him and are walking according to His will.  We have to make sure we are doing this because calamity doesn't discriminate, but He'll work it out for good if we stay by Him.  This goes back to understanding our royal status as His priests in the earth and taking it seriously.  



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