Things that should change

Things that should change

January 08, 2019

'Things that should change' is taken from a teaching called 'Yeshua's Disciple - Walking In The Spirit - Signs'.

The overwhelming theme of this teaching was that there should be a change when you become a believer. As we are instructed, we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. If the way we think, our thoughts, which drive our actions change, then so must everything we used to believers as truth change also. How we perceive reality and its limitations gets pushed back, to where all things are possible.

It is from this understanding, that we can begin to see how the supernatural can become natural for us. It is written that "without faith it is impossible to please God", can we are people who are to be pleasing unto him. So, there should be a change at the very root of who we are, and as a result, how we perceive and interpret life and creation change is into alignment with the Scriptures.

“So there is a kingdom of God, a kingdom of heaven which is coming down to the earth. But flesh and blood, which is earthly, can't inherit the kingdom of YeHoVaH - which comes down from heaven to the earth.  So this earth, this time that we have now is a training ground, is your time to prepare for that which is coming. So, although we don't bear the image of the heavenly, there is a time when that shall come to pass and we can enter in through the gates of the city.

Although you bear the image of the earthly, you’re actually heavenly. The Father who is in heaven - our Father who art in heaven - has spoken from heaven to us. We are the called out ones - something called us out. So the father who is in heaven has spoken to us, even though we are on the earth. He has given us his instructions, his way, that's what he’s given to us. As a result, we don’t bear the image of the heavenly, we bear the image of the first Adam, the first man which was earthly, but the Spirit of the Living Elohim is within us.

We are citizens of a heavenly kingdom, though we dwell upon the earth. As a result, our expectation, therefore, our hope, our trust, how we think, how we believe, how we interpret reality, what is truth should change. We've been trained in nurseries, in schools, in colleges, in universities, in terms of how to think and how to perceive reality. What way is the safe way? What way is the right way? How to get a good job? How to do this? How to do that? How to provide for your family? Father's way is completely different. Father's way is a heavenly way, and there are not many schools, there are not many teachers, there are not many lecturers who teach you this way. There are not many textbooks, there are not many syllabuses or topics under syllabus that trains nor prepares you to go that way. What you have is the spirit, you have the counsel of Scripture and you have the body of Messiah…”

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