The Making of a Disciple

The Making of a Disciple

September 03, 2017

From the teaching An Equipping Network 3

Greetings and Shalom! It's been a few weeks since my last blog, but I'm happy to be back in the saddle.  My family and I have been trying to do things a little different on Shabbat to add some structure to our day.  Since we have a little one, we can't neglect the need for him to get out and stretch his little legs and run around as well.  On top of that we just came back from our last vacation as transient European residents and are getting ready to move.  Unfortunately it'll be right in the beginning of the Fall Feast season, but we'll have to make it work.  In the time that I've been away from blogging, I can't count how many times I've listened to this teaching.  I usually download the audio so that I can listen to teachings in my car or anywhere and anytime I feel like.  I've just been blessed tremendously by these teachings because it speaks directly to where I am right now.  When Marcus first approached me about preparing blogs for the new website, I was happy and then fear started to set in.  It was because I didn't feel I was at a point in my walk where I knew enough or was obedient enough to "stand in front of people" with a message, but that's just what Father wanted to address.  The truth is that this flesh wants to pick apart every little thing that tries to encourage me to rise up and live according to His standard.  What is my truth now?  That I am in a fight right now because I haven't resolved to allow my flesh to have dominion.  I'm fighting to subdue it.  I'm not happy unless I know that I've tried to live according to His will and it's not this performance theology that I've talked about in the past.  It's just that I know YeHoVaH and His Messiah are real, I love them, I want to be with them in this life and the life to come, and I want to be part of what Father wants to do on this earth to reconcile His creation unto Himself.  That's why I fight and that's why I don't give up.  Ever since I've decided to step closer to Father, the enemy has launched an all out war on me, but I'm keeping my eyes on what awaits on the other side of this storm and I delight in knowing that He will bring me where He wants me to be.

I really like how Juliet laid out the steps to take in equipping ourselves.  Some of the habits that I've operated in over my lifetime neglect the appreciation of the process, time, and preparation it takes to accomplish goals.  For me this lesson on empowering the spirit twin was fundamental because I really like structure and often times I have the pieces to the puzzle, but lack the strategy to put it all together.  

The main points of this lesson:

- Meditate on His Word day and night  Joshua 1:8

- Give thanks to Father because He is good  Psalms 136

- Identify the mighty kings (works of the flesh) that He has destroyed in your life  Psalms 136:17-20

- Minister to yourself properly before becoming an ambassador for Messiah

   - Identify the areas where your flesh is overpowering your spirit 

   - Desire a contrite spirit that's necessary for reconciliation  Romans 7 

   - Choose to walk after the Spirit and not in the ways of the flesh Romans 8

   - Nourish your spirit man with prayer; praying in the spirit  1 Corinthians 14:1-4

   - Embrace the discipline of prayer/fasting  Matthew 17:21

       - Pray/fast to overcome the flesh and empower the spirit on a regular basis

   - Develop a process to overcome the flesh continually 

   - At His leading, get out there and get busy!!!  2 Corinthians 5:18-19

As mentioned in the teaching, if we have not overcome the flesh or have a process in place to deal with overcoming the flesh, we will not be effective equippers of the next generation or the new comers to the faith.  We all understand that there will be things that we will see complete victory from and then there will be things that will have to be destroyed many times.  This is just the nature of living in a flesh and blood body.  It's fighting to be heard too and will roll over and shut up for a time, only to regroup and try getting its way from another angle.  This is why we need to have a process in place to deal with overcoming this flesh and spend time fasting and praying for the empowerment of our spirit in Messiah.  This is how we nourish our spirit man and if we are well fed, we can be a vessel equipped for use in the work of His ministry.  I don't know about you, but that feels good.  I am definitely going to put this "playbook" to use and I pray that you all will too.  I expect praise reports and testimonies in the near future. Until next time...


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