Testimony Series - Episode 2

November 28, 2017

“Our testimony is about how we must rest assured that Yehovah will meet all of our needs. The two conditions for us are that we are obedient to His Commands and we wait on His timing.  

Floyd and I had to pull away from what family said and thought about tithing.  We ignored what financial counselors said about cutting back on tithes until our debt was paid down.  We even ignored our carnal flesh saying we could enjoy life more if we had more money and one way was to cut back on tithing.

Through teachings at HOI Charlotte and London, we realize that we wrestle against people under the influence of the enemy.  When we are more concerned about pleasing Yehovah than people, we won’t let the stuff that people do and say influence our Spirit or our behavior.  

Floyd and I started consistently giving tithes in 2006.  Before that we would give offerings and fluctuate between tithing 5-10%.  However, the consistency brought about consistent blessings financially.  We learned that holding back the tithe, held back our blessings.

Through HOI teachings, my husband and I have learned not to disqualify ourselves from the blessings that Yehovah has in store for us.  When we began to look to purchase a home in South Carolina in 2016, we did not initially look for what we needed, we looked for what we thought we could afford.  We didn’t look at move-in-ready homes that had enough bedrooms and baths because we had put a ceiling on our financial situation.  After looking at numerous fixer-uppers and ought to be “tear downers”, we finally came to the realization that Yehovah is not limited by what we can see or what we have in our possession

The time for Firstfruits was approaching.  We gave our biggest voluntary offering to date.  Truly, truly, we cannot out give our Father.  He made a way for us to purchase a move-in ready house AND the house was assessed for $10,000.00 more than the selling price.  HalleluYAH!!

Now in recent weeks, we have found out that we should be giving a second and third tithe.  It is really a financial stretch!  HOWEVER, as one of my Sister Saints in Charlotte said, “Sharon, I really believe that after we start giving the tithes as in scripture, we are going to see a huge wave of blessings over flow us.  HalleluYAH!

We are thankful that in every area of our lives the Father is bigger than any of our trials and tribulations.  When we obey, or repent and obey, we have a great spiritual Shalom (peace, tranquility, safety, well-being, welfare, health, contentment, success, wholeness, and integrity) knowing that Yehovah makes it well with us because we are keeping our part of the covenant/agreement.”

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