Rise Up

Rise Up

October 24, 2018

From the teachings Feast of Trumpets; Day of Atonement; Feast of Tabernacles; & The Eighth Day

Greetings everyone!  As the Fall Feast season has come to a close for this year, I pray that everyone was blessed by the Father with strength, convictions, healings, and  revelations.  I know that I've received revelation from Him about commitment and truly setting Him apart in my heart verses simply observing instructions.  My outlook on how I approach Him is developing into a more intimate and loving way and away from the robotic slant.  I am so humbled that our Creator has looked upon me and pursued me without fail even when I rejected and ignored Him.  Every person reading this is being pursued by Him.  That's how much He desires to be in relationship with YOU!  A precious jewel that He cherishes so much that He saw fit to have mercy on us when we were dead in our sins.  This is what really rang true to me during this feast season - how the Father desires to set us apart in holiness to Him so that we will eventually be gathered unto Him to live in His glorious presence in all its fullness.  

Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, and the Eighth day are all pointing to shadows of good things to come as referenced in Colossians 2:16-17.  Yes, Messiah has come, BUT there is still more to come and our time here on earth should be spent preparing ourselves and others for what is YET to come.  As the annual Biblical feasts come to an end for the year, the world's annual holidays are just beginning.  We are constantly bombarded with what appears to be harmless invitations to engage in worldly rituals - things that may unknowingly invite spirits of darkness into our lives.  When I'm asked why I don't celebrate this or that, I have responded with, "I have my hands full with God's commanded feasts."  I spent most of my life engaging in the other ways and I'm no longer interested.  I'm trying to prepare myself for the return of the King of Kings;  I'm working to be about HIS business and it all starts with yielding to His ways.

The pervasive thread flowing throughout the Fall Feast teachings presented by Brother Marcus was one of restoring the breach.  Our Father has always been about restoration from waywardness to righteousness.  His desire is that we come back to Him in the way He designated.  We are to live in communion with Him every day and He has given us special appointments, His Sabbaths, to uphold and observe.  These things were foreign to me growing up in church, because the foundations of the faith have been buried under religion and the guise of "Just give me Jesus!  That's all I need".  It's refreshing that this ministry desires to restore His ways in the proper framework.

Just like in the days of old when Father required His people to offer up various sacrifices on His alter, He will provide the very thing He requires from you.  This is lost on people that scoff at those instructions when comparing the old and new covenant.  Everything we have is from Him and when He requires it from us, He has supplied that very thing to begin with.  We, by faith, are simply giving it back.  He desires us to walk in loving obedience to Him; through the Holy Spirit, He gives us the power to do just that.  Whatever  He expects from us, He has given us the means to do it!  All we have to do is obey.  

This Fall Feast Season, in terms of numbers, was the loneliest yet.  It was just me and my little one, but it has been one of the most eye opening so far.  One thing that touched me was how excited my son was to jump up and down waiving his branch and lemon during Sukkot.  He even shouted that he was rejoicing in the Lord!  It convicted me of my own attitude toward the things of Yehovah.  Can I rejoice in Him with the childlike excitement and faith that I witnessed?  I admit, I was going through the motions.  It has been a wakeup call and I'm grateful for it.  Everything Father spoke to me that He's trying accomplish in me is happening.  I'm not always aware of it, but as I reflect, I can see it.  I have to simply get out of His way and not derail the work!  I received a word from a dear Sister referencing Psalm 138:8, which expresses that Father will not forsake the work of His hands.  I know what He started in me 11 years ago with a simple question and if He won't forsake that, then I won't either.  This is why I titled this blog post, which will be my last, "Rise Up".  The summation of the teachings Pastor Marcus laid out is for Israel, Yehovah's people to rise up.  Repent and return to the Father through the atoning sacrifice of our Savior Yeshua; repair the foundation and retread upon the ancient paths;  rise up and be counted for the Lord because the kingdom is now within AND yet to come.  

There were so many truths laid out in all of the teachings, but the urgent underpinning message was one of the pressing need to walk out this walk with integrity and serious determination.  It's time to rise up.  It's time to put down the things that do not profit.  It's time to rest in Him.  As I stated above, this will be my last blog post for the foreseeable future.  As I step away to continue to prepare for our growing family, I would ask that you all pray for the ministry and the congregation in London, for Marcus and Juliet and their family, and for me and my family.  I have been honored and blessed for the opportunity to serve Yehovah and His people in this way and it is with a heavy heart that I close this chapter.   I look forward to supporting the ministry in other ways as the Father sees fit, but for now, I must nest and meditate on all the wisdom that I've hidden away in my mind.  May Yehovah bless all of you to bear fruit for Him in abundance.  Until next time, Shalom!


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