Repentance - The Children's Bread

Repentance - The Children's Bread

April 09, 2018

From the teaching Pride, Prejudice & The Gospel 2

Greetings everyone!  I'm sure it's been a very busy time for everyone as it's been for me and my family.  Father is so good!  There has been so much encouragement in the Father that we've received over the last few weeks!  I am really excited about the present and future and sometimes the enemy tries to make that a hard declaration.  I know what it's like not to feel like there is joy to be had in the present and I know what it's like to fear praising Father, knowing that as soon as praise goes forth, the enemy comes to steal it.  I'm learning now not to be surprised when that resistance comes soon after a breakthrough.  It's only the job of the lawless one to be dedicated to harassing  Father's servants, but he has no authority over us and that's important to know.  

In closing the series Pride, Prejudice, & The Gospel, Marcus issues a final call to unravel the two common unbiblical denominations rooted in racially based prejudice - Judaism and Hebrew Israelite-ism.  Proclaiming the purpose of Messiah's coming  was to raise up Israel to walk in their divine purpose of representing the light of YeHoVaH so that they would teach the nations His ways cuts their doctrines to the core.  When men claim to be the "chosen ones" it seems to always revolve around something that goes against why YeHoVaH actually chooses individuals -faith and obedience.  Those that DO truth, come to the light and that light is Yeshua and Yeshua said that now WE are that light (Matthew 5:14).  From the beginning of the Book to the end, there is always provision for those drawn to the Most High to come into relationship with Him.  The only people He rejects are those have rejected Him!  If we have no regard for His Word, laws, or His Deliverer Yeshua we will be rejected.  Whether natural born or naturalized, repentance must take place and no one is exempt from being born again.  I've seen how religion deceives people into thinking that fulfilling man's requirements for his religion translates to pleasing Father.  So now we see people operating in ways that are so far from what the Word approves of, but because truth has been twisted, it is accepted with open arms.  These false truths appease the dark spirits of rebellion that operate within us without our knowledge.  They appeal to our sensibilities and character flaws, but we must remember to yield to His Spirit.  We also have to be honest that some of us really have no desire to yield to anything Father has called us to do.  That's why many people will gravitate to something that is sprinkled with truth.  It kind of looks like the truth, but it's something that I can get down with because it has my kind of flavor.  So now I can use every foul word under the sun and curse you out while proclaiming that it's righteous behavior;  I can act like a heathen and yet not be one because I'm "Hebrew"; I can flat out reject the written word of YeHoVaH and His Messiah while remaining in His good graces.  If we choose to believe that, we are in DANGER!  This is not about corralling people into a denomination, it's about explaining to people that we need to go back to the Word and call upon our Creator for direction.  Man is hell bent on destruction and following men will lead us down a path of destruction and he'll make sure we feel warm and fuzzy the whole way.  

That Word that we need to get back to is the full, entire counsel of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The schoolmaster prepares us for Messiah.  Now that He's come, it doesn't mean that the schoolmaster is obsolete.  Try learning Calculus without learning Algebra.  Algebra is your schoolmaster to learning Calculus; yes Calculus is more advanced, but you still need to learn Algebra to become proficient in Calculus.  In the natural we can see this, but religion strips us of the simplicity of Father's Word.  When we don't accept the full counsel, we remain subject to man and his doctrines.  These doctrines will lead us into all sorts of abominable behaviors and thought patterns.  Marcus mentions a very important principle about Peter and Paul speaking about  us being lively stones.  We are temples for Father's Spirit, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, and a peculiar people and it's not man that does the choosing as to who gets in.  It's YeHoVaH that chooses and we can't allow anyone to declare by their own deception who is welcome into the kingdom.  Father gave us His Word and the requirements so let's not allow ignorant people to peddle damning falsehoods upon us.   All of us are required to repent and be born again and keep His commandments along with the testimony of Yeshua.  It's a simple recipe, but once it's accepted, we are well on our way to that narrow path.


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