Home-born | Naturalized citizens thoughts

Home-born | Naturalized citizens thoughts

December 03, 2019


"Messiah said the king the kingdom of God is at hand. In John chapter 3, as we've read, he said to us to Nicodemus that he came from above. So Messiah, who came from above, walked on the earth. He is actually telling us that he is a part of this kingdom that's from above, and that Kingdom which is above is at hand - is now here. If he came from above, brothers and sisters, then he is one who is like unto someone who is home-born. He came from above, so that kingdom of heaven, he  he comes from. We're not home-born. We're not born of the kingdom of heaven - we didn't come from heaven. Many of us were not born into the faith that acknowledges or even knows anything about the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of YeHoVaH. We understood the gospel, as it was taught to us in our various different denominations. As we are continuing our journey, we are coming to know the gospel of the kingdom and how the kingdom is at hand. So Messiah, who came from above, he came down to teach us about that kingdom which is above that now dwells within - if we repent and believe. We, therefore, have to be like unto individuals who are naturalized into a kingdom. When I speak about naturalized or naturalization, what I'm talking about is someone who is born in another nation - a part of another Kingdom, is a citizen of another nation but decides to make their home this nation. As such, they go through this process of being a citizen of a new nation - they have to understand their rights. They have to understand their responsibilities... When you become naturalized, you have to be aware what's my role in this kingdom. What are my rights in this kingdom? What are my responsibilities? What do I have to do in this Kingdom?"


The above is an excert from the teaching 'Exploring the Gospels - authority & power'. It is a profound truth and one that should be meditated on. I encourage you to watch the teaching and consider the Gospel being the best course of naturalization process. 


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