Formula 1 pt2

July 18, 2017

When I read in Genesis about how YeHoVaH brought forth the plants, animals, and creeping things after their own kind, it shows me a certain order that was established.  As human beings, we bring forth children after our own kind as well; humans don't birth birds or sea turtles.  I looked up the word kind that was used throughout Genesis and it comes from an unused root that means to portion out.  The English description of portion out is to give out as one's portion or share; divvy up; share; deal.  

As we know, these verses have been used to suggest that "races" should not mix.  So "after its own kind" may be used to say people with different physical features are prohibited by Father from being together.  However, we know that the picture Scripture paints for us is that our "kind", our portion, consists of the community that YeHoVaH formed.  A nation bonded by love, His instructions, and unity; where physical differences are not a means to separate ourselves and alliances with culture and similitude are broken in exchange for the love He demonstrates for His people.  This is the nature of humans - to gather together around culture and physical appearance.  It's very natural and feels comfortable.  We are not really designed to live in conditions where we are in community with people that share a different love for opposing things.  Look around the "melting pots" of the world.  The only way people can melt is when they share a love for the same things.  Muslims and Christians can live in harmony, but eventually if we really love and want to live out our faith as prescribed, there will be less melting.  This melting is achieved by abandoning core principles of faith in adoption for something else.  Israel was bound together by following the principles the Father laid out for them.  They were not to be melting with the nations that did not love YeHoVaH.  In Eternity, who will be there?  Those that love and have submitted to Father.  There won't be room for dissenters there.

What we see is how our portion, share, or deal, is to be set apart amongst the nations.  Not to distance ourselves from them, but to cleave to YeHoVaH and become one with Him, His Word, Yeshua, and His people.  Walking in oneness with the Father should provoke those that have ears amongst the nations to be guided toward Him.  So, until we are in Eternity where we will see this community devoted to the worship of the Most High realized, we live in a world that wants us to be one with many things designed to sever our connection to Father.  

Yeshua teaches us how to live in this world when he spoke about the Samaritan in Luke 10.  So even though we are part of the Kingdom of YeHoVaH, we have a responsibility to treat our neighbors like we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.  How many of us were utterly hopeless and living life under the direction of our flesh?  How many of us were only living the life we were taught to live by our guardians?  Many people worship the god they were told to worship as children and haven't heard the truth or seen a different example worth following.  Some people have been hurt and have turned to what they think is the complete opposite of what their idea of God wants.  Bottom line - people are hurting, wondering nomads, looking for satisfaction and holding onto what the flesh delights in because they don't know anything else.  Many of us were taught that happiness is our god; even within the religious circles this is preached, although subtly. And yes, some people will never have anything to do with the Creator and that is a scary place to be.  John 3:16 says that YeHoVaH loved us so much that Yeshua suffered for us.  He doesn't take pleasure in the plight of His creation.  He wants all of us to come the place of repentance.  This is why we are commissioned with developing disciples of Yeshua so that we can reach the nations.  Some people will listen and be transformed!  Understanding this is vital because we have such a great responsibility.  It is important that we are one with the Master, allowing Him to lead us; being diligent not have any other gods before His face because if we do, we are going to lead others to that god instead of the One True God.  

I am personally beginning to see certain approaches in Hebrew Roots that I've heard others talk about.  This insensitive focus on the written Word with a total neglect of the spoken Word that Father is trying to communicate.  It reminds me of a story about how an elderly man suffered from a heart attack on the sidewalk in front of a Fire station and the EMTs (emergency medical technicians) inside would not respond because the protocol was for them to be dispatched through 911 (the U.S.A. emergency number)!  We can be sticklers for protocol, but miss the actual Spirit in which the protocol/Law was given.  Void of the Spirit of the Most High and harboring the spirit of an emotionless robot instead.  Mechanical in everything we do and just as rebellious as those people "stuck in religion".  Look at what the Father is going through.  He loved Abraham so much that He has watched over the covenant He made with him in spite of the behavior of Abraham's descendants.  That is love!  Yet we want to totally cut someone off because they don't agree over something insignificant.  If Father has lead you to break ties with someone, that's one thing, but I'm referring to a spirit of control that is in operation.  Instead, let's let the Word penetrate the innermost parts of our being so that we can learn to be one with Him and with each other while living among the people of the nations.

I like when Marcus said, "Like a marriage, the relationship between YeHoVaH and His people is founded on love which brings us together as one with Him."  He is still keeping covenant with us and has showed us how to live in community with our neighbors in Messiah and in the world.   Demonstrate to the nations how we are one in Messiah, not through compromise or control, but through the love we have in our hearts for Him.  Compassion for others, bearing with each other, bearing one another's burdens, etc.  Some may read this and say, like the popular meme, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  This is all things that the flesh refuses to do, but we've been called to live in His Spirit and it goes without saying that this requires discernment.  If we don't do it by His leading, imagine what that would look like.  Some of us would run ourselves raggedy and that's not what He wants.  He wants us to be compassionate delivery men and women.  Delivering His messages, rebuke, love, and instructions from coast to coast and if you want to dish it out, you have to be able to take it as well.



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