Formula 1 pt. 5

Formula 1 pt. 5

August 07, 2017

From the teaching ONE pt. 5

The message that was presented in this teaching was very important.  This entire series has just been such a blessing in my life because it speaks to where I need to place more of my attention.  It's so easy, especially those of us that are somewhat isolated from the Torah Observant community, to become an island and forget how to even operate within a fellowship setting.  Personally, I had to realize that people have different ideas on things even though we follow the same Yeshua and how to learn the difference between "acceptable opinions" and compromise.  Sometimes heresy is at the root of separation between people, but sometimes it's a spirit of control.  Sometimes we just want people to believe the exact same way we think they should or it's no use being around them.  We have to stop trying to BE God and remember to follow in His ways.  

It's good to hear a message of encouragement for the followers of Yeshua that advocates lifting each other up and reaching out to bear the burdens of one another.  My prayer recently is for Father to help me have His heart for people.  I naturally have a tender heart for people, but it can be very inconsistent and biased.  Then again, that's human nature and that's what we have to hand over to Him when we commit ourselves to Him.  I'm currently in communication with a young Saint that I met once and Father has put her on my heart to minister to.  It's funny how it's never a one way street because I am being ministered to at the same time.  It's really paramount that we move outside of ourselves and see our lives as tools to work in the lives of others as Father sees fit.  I am not here for myself or just for my loved ones, but I am here to serve others.  Father, show us how to serve and of course we want to serve at Your direction so build your people up in love, truth, and Your Spirit so that we can demonstrate you in the fullness of Your glory.  

These teachings on Oneness shows us that we have a commitment to our Creator, our spouse, and our community.  Many times we fail to remember our commitment to our community and neighbor, but we must not forget them.  When we can uplift our brethren to keep the course, we facilitate the furtherance of His Kingdom because when my brother or sister is edified, he/she can be effective in their calling.  So my prayer is that all those that desire to exchange their heart for the heart and mind of Yeshua will be filled to overflowing with His love and wisdom concerning this.  May we not adopt the religious act of pretending in this area because it's the right thing to do, but may we truly embrace the heart of Messiah for our community and our neighbors.  May this entire teaching on what it means to be One penetrate our hearts so that it can bring about profound transformation in our lives and in the lives of others.  

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