Equipment Managers Needed

June 14, 2017

From the teaching An Equipping Network

Greetings and welcome!  Sister Juliet brings us a continuation of the examination of the vision of House of Israel.  This time, an equipping network was introduced and if you recall, the vision of House of Israel is to be:

1. A Worshipping People - John 4:23-24

2. An Evangelistic Community - Acts 2:42-47

3. A Discipleship Center - Matthew 28:19

4. An Equipping Network - Ephesians 4:12

5. A Worldwide Witness for Yeshua the Messiah - Acts 1:18

As a community that chooses to bind itself to the commandments of the Most High and His Spirit, we have a duty to equip others.  Some are given to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to equip the saints and edify the body of Messiah Ephesians 4:11. They all have the same goal, but function differently.  Regardless of whether or not we are called to fill one of these specific roles, we are all called to be a light and I believe that begins in the home first.  If we have children, we are called to equip our children with the Word and a godly example for them to build from. 

The foundation for being an equipping network is that WE first must be rooted in His will and sensitive to His Spirit.  This is something that I've become more and more aware of lately.  When I heard the statement, "It's about having a personal relationship with Jesus" in the Christian world, I understood that to be true, but I had no clue what that really meant.  It was somewhat abstract to me, but what I took it to mean was to make sure I prayed and tried to treat people right.  Now that's not wrong, but it's elementary and advanced at the same time.  If that's where we are, then that's a good place to start, but it goes so much deeper than that.  A dear Brother that visits House of Israel from time to time, gave a teaching in both London and Charlotte that just shook me to the very core.  He explained that this life is not about our personal relationship with Messiah, but that we have a job to do.  Now I've heard similar talk from people from time to time, but this message came at a time when I guess I had ears to hear.  I didn't even realize that I had this mentality until this man labeled and described it!  We sometimes want to get in our own little corner of the world with our great paying job, our perfect "forever" home with the white picket fence, the perfect spouse and children, the most well-behaved dog, and just enough Jesus to keep us happy.  It's almost like we use the Messiah as our genie in a bottle, rubbing it when we need something. 

I was shocked to realized that I was this very person, but I just called my "genie" Yeshua.  I was encouraged to look deep within and asked the Father to help me see the things that He sees in me.  What this is doing in me is helping me to root out areas of unrighteousness so that I can grow closer to Him and have a REAL relationship with Him.  I am understanding more and more, not from an intellectual perspective, but from the Spirit that I NEED to be rooted in Him.  I need to be in tune with His Spirit and to be in two way communion with Him.  This is the point where we can really begin to start forming an equipping network.  We must first let Him equip us so we can function in His will and not in our own strength or supposed intellect.  When we are so use to only consulting ourselves for EVERTHING this is hard to do, but if we want to really mature in Messiah, this must happen.  This all may sound so elementary to some, but when we walk in darkness and ignorance, it's because we have either chosen that path or He is waiting to reveal.  So let's continue on walking this journey with the Spirit of the Most High equipping us every step of the way.


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