Abundantly Merciful

Abundantly Merciful

December 28, 2017

From the teaching Yeshua's Disciple: The Narrow Way - Mercy 

Isn't it a wonderful thing to contemplate the abundant mercy our Father has bestowed on us?  When we can honestly look at how the Almighty has shown mercy in our lives, we should be moved to remember that when dealing with others.  This past year, I've been growing so much with the messages coming from House of Israel and I am compelled to seek His face and make corresponding changes.  Real changes that affect how I think and deal with others and one of those changes is working on is showing mercy to others - especially my husband.  A romantic relationship is one of the closest earthly bonds a human being can have which means that it has all the potential for volatility as well.  Our loved ones can tempt us to resurrect that old man like no one else, so we can sometimes be the most unforgiving towards them.  This is a reason why I feel like putting His Word into practice begins at home first because if you can't walk in love in your own home, who cares what you do when all eyes are on you in public.  That's hypocrisy and we need to root it out where ever it lurks.

In this teaching, Marcus reminds us of the mercy that Father has shown His creation from the beginning.  Mercy did not arrive on the scene when Yeshua came in the flesh or when He died on the cross.  Yeshua was sent by the Father to reconcile us back to the Him and destroy every work of the devil.  Moses testified of Yeshua thousands of years ago and Father was merciful to them as He is to us - His mercy endures forever.  He keeps covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations Deuteronomy 7:9.  He even has mercy on the unjust as He causes the rain to fall all over the earth and has provided the resources for physical life for all of His creation.  

Remember the parable of the workers in Matthew 20?  This is another example of how Yeshua illustrates YeHoVaH's mercy.  Why does it seem to be a valid complaint for the workers that labored longer to receive more pay?  Well, it does until you pay attention to the details.  The pay was for working that day, not by the hour.  So whether a person started earlier in the day or later in the day, they'd receive the same pay.  When we apply this logic to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is what Yeshua likened it to, we see the goodness of the Father in his judgment.  We should be in covenant with Him because we love Him and want to work to see His will fulfilled in the earth.  This is not to obtain a badge of honor to put on display amongst men.  This is not for mere personal gain.  We are all on the same team and when a brother or sister comes to know and love the Father late in life, that is a cause for celebration not for contempt when they walk in the power and authority of the Almighty-and maybe even more so than you.  Our heavenly Father is merciful and just and will distribute His goodness to whomever He deems worthy.  We are not righteous in and of ourselves, we must allow His Spirit of righteousness to work in us and realize that it's an unrighteous spirit that desires to be exalted over a fellow laborer.

Like Marcus explained in the teaching, it's time for us to walk this path of righteousness out NOW and not put it off for a time in what we think is the not so distant future.  We may make plans for tomorrow, but no one knows if tomorrow or its plans will materialize.  Like my Grandmother used to say, "While the blood is still running warm in your veins", realize that Father has been merciful to your unrighteousness and start manifesting the fruits of His Spirit in your life.  We don't need to neglect the weightier matters of the law like Yeshua rebuked the Pharisees for in Matthew 23:23 - mercy, justice, and faith.  

Showing mercy to others is pretty much required because we have been the recipients of abundant mercy from our Father in heaven.  Matthew 18  clarifies this with chilling certainty.  If we are unforgiving to our brother's trespasses, He will not be merciful to ours.  I don't want to trivialize this command because I know that some people have suffered unspeakable horrors by the hands of others.  Working through the pain that has been inflicted on some people is only something that the Almighty can orchestrate, but I would encourage us all to seek His plan because He only has good things in store for us.   If we think about all of the people that have come through this life, those of us alive now, and those yet to arrive then we can try to contemplate the magnitude of the grief that Father has endured over His creation.  We have grieved Him.  Multiply that by every soul and we can't even imagine the scope of His longsuffering, yet He has been very merciful to us.  Remember that when you want to hold a grudge.  It's not worth it; free yourself and the other person and let Him vindicate you.

Naturally, all of this is easier said than done, but with His Spirit, we can do all things because Yeshua gives us the strength and power.  Let's remember what a merciful Elohim we serve and allow others the space to come to the light that He has offered and still offers us.  None of us has arrived and while we mature in this walk we can be examples of how Father has cleansed us from lives of unrighteousness and brought us through trials and tribulations to walk in the power and authority of His Holy Spirit.


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