Why donate to House of Israel U.K

With your support, House of Israel U.K is able to provide:

  • A weekly live Sabbath worship service: a discipleship and equipping focused preaching and teaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom - without the traditions of men.

  • A monthly live New Moon service: a teaching focused on the restoration of Father’s time, in order to prepare the saints for the Feasts of the LORD and good things to come. 

  • The Feasts of the LORD live worship service: rejoicing before the Most-High, during our Holy convocation, while delivering the word of truth. 

  • During our weekly Sabbath, Feast and New Moon services we provide question and answer opportunities.

  • During our weekly Sabbath, Feast and New Moon services we provide opportunities for prayer and opportunities to testify.

  • We produce FREE to download Sabbath, Feast and New Moon podcasts.

  • We publish FREE to download books for the edification of the saints, and their purchasable paperback counterparts.

  • We offer an ‘Abundance & Compassion’ ministry to the brethren, who need food and financial aid during times of trouble.

  • We baptise the saints in Yeshua’s name, during our ‘Discipleship, Baptism & Breaking Bread’ event. 

  • We offer prayer and counsel, opportunities to ask questions over the phone and via e-mail

  • Produce and edit teaching shorts to encourage, challenge and build up the body of Messiah. 

  • We host our website and other online platforms, that enable us to reach the world with teachings and other materials that will build up the body of Messiah.