Remember Your Roots 2

From the teaching An Evangelistic Community Part 2

Sister Juliet continued to expound on the foundations of the community in which we find ourselves.  Remembering that it is a community that was founded by the Almighty and He designed the culture.  Its purpose was to bring light into a dark world in more ways than one.  Israel is intended to be a community of ambassadors for the Most High and when the King was born among men, He matured our understanding of the Scriptures.  A common understanding of the intent of this community is that when you come to Jesus, you are to have "a personal relationship with Christ".  This is what I hear from many Protestants speaking about the missing link in Catholics.  While that is true, that's not the entire picture.  We can't forget what we are doing; read that contract before you sign on the dotted line.  We have entered into an agreement with the Almighty through the blood of Yeshua.  YeHoVaH drew up this contract and we need to read it before we sign it.  Do you agree to the terms?  If YES, then sign your life away (that's essentially what we're supposed to do).  If NO, then you are more than free to do so; move along, but either choice comes with a price.  We don't make the rules and we definitely don't abolish them.  We are simply to follow Him and lead with that example.  Everyone has the same job, but the positions vary.  I liked the illustration Juliet gave of the incident involving Korah.  It was not enough that they were given a role in which to function by YeHoVaH himself, but they were after more.  We must operate in the place where Father has called us.  He obviously knows better and only then can we be most effective.  

So when we speak about being an evangelistic community, we need to understand the full counsel of the Holy One.  This is not something that we will ever check the block on because this occurs over our lifetime.  The written Word was spoken to someone at some point in time and written down, but YeHoVaH is still speaking to us today.  Leading us and opening our understanding. He is our Shepherd, like Juliet mentioned in her story about her baptism.  I found that account very profound.  Many times I have questions about certain things I should do in life or how to understand something in the Bible, and while I'm not saying that seeking godly wisdom from  appropriate people is wrong, sometimes the Father wants to counsel me directly.  Sometimes it's good to turn off all the voices in your ear from this teacher or that teacher and just listen to Him.  When He has our attention and can move us where He needs to, then we get to see the beauty of this covenant He has made with us.  This is by far the most difficult thing that I've encountered so far in my life, letting go of the old me so that I can walk with Him through His Spirit.  So I have to remember that this is hard when I want to be judgmental of others.  I have to remember how YeHoVaH has put up with me going back and forth when someone can't keep promises to me.  When they don't live up to my expectations.  Do I live up to His expectations?  Has he forgiven me and displayed patience and kindness? My goodness yes He has.  I am under development and He is bringing me step by step into a place of obedience.  Moving me to overcome one thing and then on to the next.  This is where this community comes in.  We lift each other up in love, exhorting one another to live in submission to Him so we can spread the news of this awesome gift far and wide.  John 13:35 says that this is how people will know that we are His disciples - by the way we love one another. 

We can't be effective evangelizers if we can't even forgive one another, have cold hearts, or won't lift hands to help or be of service to each other.  Now we do need to exercise discernment with all situations and that's  why we should be seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Currently my family is in a season of strain as I alluded to in a previous blog.  Many changes and emotions are swirling around, but in the midst of all that, we are seeking the Father's leading.  It's definitely not easy and there are many times when I'm reminded that the old man is hiding behind the curtains when I thought he was buried and I even danced on his grave.  No, that "joka" (as my Mom would say) just don't wanna die!  Father is showing me that there is still work to be done in areas where there is a stronghold, but I'm so glad to be a part of His community (even if it's currently online) that has encouraged me, convicted me, and lifted me and my family in prayer before the Father. 

So, remember what we have joined.  A community of disciples of Yeshua, the Commonwealth of Israel, called to love one another and be a light in this dark world.  We are all WILLINGLY bound to the conditions of the agreement and that is to love the Almighty will all our hearts and to keep His commandments.  Following Yeshua is the only way to do this and when we seek to do this with the Law written on our hearts and not simply in our minds, that's when the splendor of His kingdom will shine forth in truth.