Marcus Da Costa

Marcus Da Costa Hebrew Roots London

Marcus Da Costa is a pastor, teacher and author. He was born in London in 1983, to mixed British Caribbean parents. One day several years ago, as a young man, during a church service he would be given a prophetic word that would change his life forever. "Your life is going to turn upside being inside of a washing machine...but by the time you will be 30, you will be a man of God". For many years, he held onto those words not fully understanding how or even if these things would come to pass. At 30 Marcus was teaching bible studies from home, eventually leading to the establishment of House of Israel London, a ministry dedicated to teaching the true gospel of the kingdom without the traditions of men. By 33, Marcus had broadcasted his services across the word online and began producing books. His teachings have helped many across the world understand the bible in context, making it applicable to their lives today. As an author his books are an extension of this work, teaching the gospel in a direct, applicable, contextual way so all can understand.