Get involved

As a means for us to achieve our vision of the future, we ask that you get involved and help us. There are a number of ways that you can help us listed below:

Tithes, Offerings & First Fruits

You can support House of Israel London with your tithes, offerings and first fruits. Through our donate page you can support us via Paypal or by filling in for form below. You will notice on the form, options with information about what your level of support will allow us to do. You can decide if you want that to be a recurring or one off donation. 

Give As You Live

Whether you run a business or not, when you make purchases online Give As You Live allows to donate money to your chosen cause for FREE. As a UK registered charity when you shop online through this portal you simply need to chose HOI London as your cause and every time you spend money in Tesco, Asda, Amazon, change your insurance, book a holiday, buy supplies for your business... HOI London will benefit. Click the link below and register today.

Selling on Ebay

As a UK registered charity, when clearing out your house you can now select HOI London as your chosen cause. Simply list as normal and select HOI London and the amount of the sale price you wish to donate. Alternatively, visit the find a charity page and search for HOI London. 


Your Limited Company Giving To HOI London

If you run or work in a limited company, your company can donate to HOI London and pay less corporation tax. Qualifying donations include:

- Money

- Land & Property

- Equipment  

- Stocks

There are different ways to claim tax relief depending on the type of donation you make.

Deduct from your profits

Claim relief in the Company Tax Return that covers the accounting period during which you made the donation or sale if you have:

  • donated money
  • given or sold land, property or shares

Enter the total value of your donations in the ‘Qualifying donations’ box of the ‘Deductions and Reliefs’ section of your tax return.

There are special rules for working out the value of your donation if you give or sell land, property or shares to a charity.

Deduct as business expenses

Deduct costs as normal business expenses in your company’s annual accounts if you have:

  • seconded employees
  • sponsored a charity

Claim capital allowances

Claim capital allowances on the cost of equipment you donate in your company’s annual accounts.

If you donate more than your profit

The most you can deduct is the amount that reduces your company’s profits to zero.

If you donate more than your total profits you can’t:

  • declare trading losses on your tax return
  • carry over any remaining amount to your next tax return