New Moon - 12th New Moon (Projected date) evenings of the 6/7th of February

If sighted on the 6/7th of February in the land of Israel, then our online New Moon service will begin at 8pm on the 8th. 

Discipleship & Baptism in the name of Yeshua - In accordance to the command and commission that Yeshua gave to his disciples, House of Israel UK will be discipling and baptising those who desire to live for Messiah and for Messiah to live through them. 

On 17th of March, if you desire to be baptised, join Marcus Da Costa at the saints at Seasalter Beach (Kent) for baptisms, fellowship and the word. 

For those who desire to be baptised contact Marcus Da Costa for more information and arrangements. 

Projected potential dates for the feasts are subject to change based on:

- The sighting of the new moons from the land of Israel

- If the Barley is Aviv at the end of the 12th or 13th month

Passover - 20th/21st of March or 19/20th of April - (2019 TBC)

Feast of Unleavened Bread - 21st/22nd of March or 20th/21st of April  - (first day Sabbath 2019 TBC

Feast of Unleavened Bread - 27/28th of March or 26/27th of April - (seventh day Sabbath 2019 TBC)

Day of First Fruits - 24th of March or 21st of April - (when Messiah presented the “first fruits” to the Almighty 2019 TBC

Feast of weeks/harvest - To be confirmed - (when Messiah baptized his disciples with fire [Pentecost]) (High Sabbath 2019 TBC

Yom Teruah - To be confirmed (2019)

Yom Kippur - To be confirmed (2019)

Sukkot -  To be confirmed (2019)

8th DayTo be confirmed (2019)