Yeshua's Disciple

House of Israel London

Over two thousand years ago when Yeshua Messiah (Jesus) sent out twelve disciples to preach the “good news” to the nations, the message they were given was about repentance, belief, and keeping his Father's commandments.

So how did the gospel of old become the religions, traditions and lawlessness we see today?

How can people follow a Savior who isn't in the Scriptures, yet ignore the One who is?

There is much confusion in the world concerning the Bible and what it means to be a disciple of Yeshua. Explore the life of Messiah and his disciples as you learn to navigate Scripture in the way it was meant to be read, taught and lived. Messiah wasn't someone who told people to believe without doing. He was a man of action who demonstrated how we must obey the commandments of the Father, believe in his sacrifice for all sins, and demonstrate to the world, the saving message of repentance.

He taught baptism for the remittance of sins and sent the Holy Spirit for today’s believers. Learn what baptism really is, what it means to be Yeshua’s Disciple, and watch the miracles, signs and wonders manifest by the power of the Holy Spirit just as they did so long ago. Salvation is real. Discipleship is key.

Begin your walk with the living Elohim through his Son Yeshua with this insightful new teaching from Marcus Da Costa.

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