Walking In The Power of The Holy Spirit (DVD)

Arthur Bailey

Join Arthur Bailey as he shares experiences and unique insights in this perceptive, sometimes hilarious and always instructive journey through his ministry spanning more than three decades. He generously shares his life-changing adventures of discovering and tapping back into the roots of the faith that he has long preached with boldness. As a former pastor and teacher in five different Christian denominations before coming to the true faith of the Kingdom of YeHoVaH, his unique story is priceless and required listening for those who desire to enhance their own walk in Torah-obedience and in Yeshua Messiah. About 1.5 hours of teaching.

Be sure and purchase the first three of Arthur's DVD's  (and SAVE) that were recorded at the Aviv Moon Studios to enjoy the life and teachings of a minister who has pastored more didactical denominations than most people have warmed padded pews. 

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