Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Marriage Vows are a sacred covenant between a man and a woman in the presence of YeHoVah and witnesses.

The Biblical standard for marriage is a monogamous relationship in which a man and a woman share a lifetime commitment to each other, second only to their commitment to God

In this teaching 6 DVD teaching, Arthur Bailey teaches on the:

Covenant of Marriage

The many reasons people get married

The impact of Divorce

The Only Reason Messiah taught Divorce was permitted

Remarriage and what the Bible teach on the subject of Remarriage

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage is a teaching that should be in every home and will help anyone planning on getting married, who are already married, who are contemplating getting divorced, and who have already divorced and remarried.

A Must Have teaching for every home!

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