It's Not Finished

House of Israel London

For centuries Christian leaders have been declaring how “It is finished!” while promoting the “gospel of Jesus” and the “finished work of the cross.” But the question is, "Did Messiah Yeshua ever reveal what he meant when he cried 'It is finished!' just before he died?"

What was “it” that he declared was finished? You may be surprised to learn what “it” is; that Yeshua is still ministering today and that he also has ministry yet to come. Indeed “it” is far from finished.

Learn important truths such as who are our true family and how the Christian gospel is teaching lawlessness as you delve into the story of Yeshua’s ongoing ministry. Discover how true believers and today’s messengers of the gospel of Yeshua are called to holiness and how now more than ever, there is much work yet to be done. A brand new teaching.        5x8″ Paperback, 170 pages.

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