An Evangelical Community

House of Israel London

What is an Evangelistic Community? When we hear the words “The Commonwealth of Israel,” we may think of the Jewish people or even the land. But did you know that true followers of the Hebrew Messiah are members of this Commonwealth? How does someone become a true follower? How do we become members? Typically Christianity has employed evangelistic practices to try to help people get “saved.” Other religions teach their traditions or doctrines, but is that what Messiah Yeshua came and taught? Are we supposed to teach people to simply believe in a Messiah and nothing more? Do we keep church traditions or religious doctrines, or do we live and teach what the Messiah lived and taught? How can we teach others if we don’t even know the truth ourselves? Uncover exciting clues to a believer’s role as evangelist and community member in the Psalms as you study the Israelite encampment near the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Learn why it is so critical for today’s body of Messiah to know the truth about the Word and to share this while living as an integral member of an Evangelistic Community. Another teaching in the fascinating "Vision" series by House Of Israel London’s own anointed teacher Juliet Manyemba.

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