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When we become children of God, we join a community called the House of Israel. This community lives by Laws (commandments) that were established by our Creator. Most people today are taught and believe that they no longer have to keep commandments. If that were so, then the community that believers live in would be a lawless one! The bottom line is that today's leaders are not teaching the body what it needs in order to do the work that the Messiah came to demonstrate in his life and through his eternal blood work upon the cross. Through the Word, believers are equipped for the ministry of reconciliation and in how to make disciples of men and women. But how does this equipping take place and what does it mean to us today? Most people are keenly aware that sacrifices are to be made to walk the "straight path" of Yeshua Messiah ("Jesus"), but few people have gleaned the information or skills to do this in a meaningful way. As a result, the body stumbles along with mere bits and pieces of what is required to fully manifest the power of the Holy Spirit and to walk in its ordained purpose. Discover what is missing and how to acquire and utilize these things that are promised to the House of Israel. In this third installment of the "Vision" teaching series, Juliet Manyemba beautifully illustrates what an equipped believer looks like and gives concise scriptural evidence of their role. Be sure to equip yourself in the way only the Messiah can teach in this comprehensive new book!

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