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What Does True Worship Look Like? Does It Really Matter? When asked, people today will say that worship is what we do when we are alone or in congregations. They’ll give examples of what they call worship, such as singing, dancing, praying, meditating or reading the Scriptures. While all of those things may be prayerful or “holy” to the world, what does the Bible say about being a worshiping people? How does the Almighty Father say that we are to worship Him? Do we even know what true worship really looks like or how to apply it today? Learn the essential tools required for true worship in this concise, insightful teaching from anointed teacher Juliet Manyemba. You will find answers to questions such as: • What is worship and why do we need it? • Can’t we just worship however we want? • Does worship require a certain location? • How are worship and sacrifice connected? • How do we walk out the Word today? • How can I forgive someone who really hurt me? • Why must I renew my mind? • How do we keep the Feasts of YeHoVaH? • How can we meet with the Father? • What are “clean hands” and a “pure heart”? Best of all discover how, with a few adjustments to our mindset and heart, we can live a lifestyle of worship that is truly pleasing to our Heavenly Father. You will be richly blessed as you take steps toward becoming a true worshiper on a path that looks very different than what you might expect.

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