Plan a visit

If you’ve been looking for a ministry that teaches the Hebraic Roots of the faith once delivered to the saints - and even if you haven’t - we’ll love to meet you and your family this Saturday.


We believe that our ministry is unique because we teach the gospel without the traditions of men, all the while, maintaining an emphasis on the Spirit without compromising the law of YeHoVaH. 


Each week we meet at 12:30pm to spend time learning the word of God, to fellowship and to break bread with one another.


We would love to meet you. 


We meet each week at Lascar Wharf Community Centre:

- 7 minutes walk from Limehouse DLR & Overground station 

7 minutes walk from 15, 115, 135 & D3 bus stops

- Parking is available on the surrounding roads


If you desire to get in touch or desire to speak to us prior to visiting us, use the contact form below. 


We're looking forward to meeting you.