Theocultural Small Holding

Theoculture is a system of cultivating and raising livestock following the commandments and statues given in the Bible as guiding principles.

Theoculture is a recognition that our Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who created the heavens and the earth shared his infinite wisdom with us. Therefore, we believe if we follow the guiding principles given to mankind to be fruitful and live harmonously with the earth, the work of our hands will be blessed. This is food production in abundance.

This system of producing food is organic, ethical, works with nature and is edifying. A Theoculturalist does not believe in using GMO’s, pesticides or any other chemicals to support nature in it’s work. No artificial components will get into the food they produce.

We are creating a place where we can live and work the land demonstrating the benefits of living a theocultural lifestyle. We can provide for others in terms of food, education, discipleship and a retreat space for feast days, prayers and healing physically or spiritually. A place where the community including the poor can be supported.

The Vision

- Purchase of farm land

- Grow fresh produce - fruits, vegetables and herbs

- Keeping chickens, ducks and bees

- Raising livestock

- A place to camp/erect marquees during feasts and other events

- Onsite/Online Education & Discipleship programs including Theoculture, Healing, Nutrition, Spiritual advice

- A space for Prayer and Healing

This Vision is a call to those who desire to really live and grow as they walk with Messiah. We pray that the body will step forward to make this vision a reality. We believe that we need to raise 100k to initially purchase the land with a view to fully develop every element of the vision over a period of years, as God will it.

Details on how to help are as follows;

- Donate through this page
- Fund raise e.g cake sales, ebay clear out, wash cars...
- Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail list...
- Talk to your congregation, friends and family about this project
- Contact us if you want to share your own ideas or for other ways to help

For more of an idea as to what this whole project is about, please review the teaching series called 'The Discipleship Diet' or contact us