What's on The Menu? 5

June 08, 2017

This weekly Shabbat wraps up the 5 part series Marcus presented on The Discipleship Diet.  Along the way he introduced us to a new term, theoculture, which encompasses the cultivation and raising of livestock in accordance with the commands of YeHoVaH. He also explained how the modern capitalist, industrial world in which we live in presents new challenges for mankind, but especially the children of Israel.  It has always been a tool of the enemy to work  on us without us ever knowing and if he can distract us from the truth of the Almighty, then he will have the upper hand until Father opens our eyes and we obey His voice.  My understanding has been opened during these teachings to the importance of realizing that the bread from heaven that this discipleship diet consists of, is so much more than eating Biblically clean and the implications are far reaching.  Deuteronomy 8:3 and Matthew 4:4 shows us that the Word that proceeds forth from the Almighty is what we must live on.  Of course we need physical food and Father knows that, but HE is our provision for everything spiritual and natural.  When we commit ourselves to Him and are good stewards of His creation, His earth and our bodies, then we will prosper spiritually and physically.  When we stray from  the ordered steps of the system He set up destructions ensues and it's been recorded in Scripture in Genesis 6 as history and Revelation 19 as prophecy. 

When we live wickedly, a.k.a. outside His commandments, we defile ourselves and the very earth we live on.  Today anyone that has eyes to see can see that this earth is defiled.  It's a sad truth that large corporations are taking control of the world's food supply and pumping garbage into our food and water.  The love of money and power has corrupted the people behind these companies and in turn they have corrupted the earth.  Believers can see this and many become angry at the very thought of what has become of society, but we have to take responsibility for what we contribute to this corrupt system.  Are we following the Father's lead by living a life in line with His Scriptures?  Are we following the example set forth by our Master Yeshua?  By understanding and doing simple things presented in the Bible like the adoption of rejecting things the Almighty deems as unclean to eat, we do our bodies and spirit an enormous favor.  There is never a punishment from the Almighty for walking in His ways.  Man may punish us, but never our Heavenly Father.  One thing that came to mind when talking with people that think Jesus' death allows for us to eat anything is the question: What if you're wrong?  If I'm wrong, then I would have just lived a life in abstinence of certain things.  But if you're wrong, then how sad would it be to know that you've lived a life in rebellion? And mostly because we've listened to men that told us that they've studied the Bible long enough to know that their doctrines are the correct paths.  We need to allow the Creator to establish His Word in our hearts.  We need to read the Bible from cover to cover and allow Him to paint the picture for us.

The bread from heaven that Marcus frequently spoke about reminds me of a military term that I've hears often over the years - being a 360 soldier.  A 360 soldier is one that is proficient in every area of duty.  That is to say in their military occupation; as a leader; in physical fitness; and as a fighting soldier.  This bread from heaven that we are to live by touches every area of our lives.  When we live on this bread from heaven, we are relying on Father for our provision; living with Yeshua as our example and head; walking by His written and spoken Word; living life in His Spirit while subjecting our flesh to Him; and I could go on, but it's not one thing, it's EVERYTHING.  We have to be 360 soldiers, but to get there we must begin to feast on that bread from heaven -not bread from man.  That bread is unfit to eat.  It defiles like Yeshua explains in Mark 7 and Matthew 15 and we have to be as vigilant in avoiding it in our spiritual bread just like we aim to avoid physical toxins.  I'm just beginning to understand this, but I feel so overjoyed by the revelations I've received over the last few weeks.  I pray that you all have been blessed by this series and by the ministries of House of Israel.  Please remember to support the ministry because it is refreshing to see men and women proclaiming the true Gospel of the Kingdom amongst so many voices.  Blessings and have a wonderful Feast!



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