The Best Kind of Welfare

The Best Kind of Welfare

December 19, 2017 1 Comment

From the teaching Yeshua's Disciple: The Narrow Way - Mourning

Greetings everyone!  'Tis the season to be........resisting folly.  With the world going about during this season of celebration, it continues to remind me to stay focused on what He has designed for His people.  For me, not celebrating these holidays is somewhat easy.  We don't live around family so we don't have to "report" to anyone.  It's almost as if this lifestyle of constant relocation has afforded me the opportunity for Father to help clean me up from the traditions that I inherited without interference from loved ones that may have had strong influence.  While it was easy, for the most part, to release the Christian holy days, I find that the real battle is within.  The process that many of us may go through probably includes shedding beliefs and practices from the outside in.  These teachings on the Narrow Way highlight exactly what Scripture lays out as this narrow path that we all desire to walk down.  The deception that comes from following the recipe of religion instead of following the Word of the Most High comes at a high price and it's not worth it.  It's time for the season of deception to conclude and judge every thought, belief, and action against the test of Scripture.  

What really spoke to me in this teaching was the analogy of the benefits associated with being a citizen of earthly kingdoms and those afforded to the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.  We will try to move heaven and earth to position ourselves where we think we will have the best opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  However, when we realize what Yeshua's example through word and deed declare that we do, we should be convicted to release those ideals.  Matthew 5 is further evidence of Yeshua's teaching of the people to search their hearts and commit it to the ways of YeHoVaH like He was doing.  Pursuing life, liberty, and happiness is the ultimate sacred goal of a carnal experience, but how many of us believers know that when we pursue these things outside of His will,  it leads us toward death, bondage, and misery. 

 The benefits associated with being a citizen of His Kingdom means that when I surrender my life to Him, then He becomes responsible for me.  This was a profound message for me because it gives new meaning to my role in surrendering.  Like Marcus pointed out, the stress that going about as our own provider brings on us can be oppressive.  People take their own lives because they feel humiliated over their inability to fulfill their supposed role as provider.  When we begin to wake up and realize that we need to take our hands off of the wheel of life and allow Him to be our provider, not in theory, but in all reality, we can begin to receive the full benefits of His Kingdom.  When we realize that our supposed control of things is all but futile, we can welcome the contrite spirit that is needed for spiritual growth.  

The mercy of the Father endures forever and He could have destroyed us in our sin.  However, if you are reading this, He has given you another chance to repent and turn to Him.  To turn away from quoting Scripture with an empty, evil heart; from self-righteous Sabbath keeping and towards the rest that He provides as a result of a heart subjugated to Him.  Commandment keeping is useless unless it is done with a subjugated heart; a circumcised heart.  We need to come to a place where we are broken over our sin and humble ourselves before Him.  Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.  Mourn over the fact that YeHoVaH has to deal with a people that sometimes waiver and forget to walk in His will.  Mourn that His will is stalled in the earth because we can lack faith.  Mourn that He has had to bring destruction on His creation because of rebellion.  Mourn that He could've destroyed each and every one of us reading this, but He had mercy on us.  He has started a work in us and will see it through if we repent and turn our lives over to Him.  Put down the idols and turn to Him.  What is His will for us?  That we love Him and keep His commandments.  Don't mind what religion says is the way to love Him, listen to what He is telling you through His Word and the voice of His spirit.  Be comforted in the fact that His Kingdom is within us to empower us in Godly submission and instruction; to proclaim and demonstrate His light in the earth for all to see.


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