"Knowledge - The Holy Spirit = 'Puffiness'"

February 06, 2017

From the teaching Yeshua's Disciple: The Holy Spirit Pt. 2

Knowledge has surely increased as mentioned in Daniel 12:4 and in our present day, we have every flavour of religion at our fingertips.  What do you do when everyone claims to have the "truth"?  I know that early in my adult walk with the Father, I was first convicted of certain behaviours by a Christian rapper I saw on B.E.T. of all places.  It wasn't necessarily from the Scriptures, but I just felt that what I was doing was wrong.  Later on, I had the opportunity to witness to someone that didn't grow up Christian and this person was asking me legitimate questions about my faith that I couldn't answer.  I was thoroughly embarrassed!  Now I wasn't a "practicing Christian" since leaving High School.  Many of you may have similar stories - as a child, Momma made everyone get up and go to Church on Sunday, but once I became an adult, went off to school, and got a job, I made my own rules and they didn't involve going to Church regularly.  I stayed somewhat "close" to the Father and my mother who constantly cornered me into Bible study, but I was a secular "believer".  However, once I was exposed by this non-believer, I set out to find what I truly believed.  I understood that I was just a product of my environment and I didn't bother auditing what was passed down to me. 

My digging caused me much anguish and I questioned everything - not knowing which way to go.  Father kept His hand on me and began to reveal to me the truth in His Word minus religion.  The strongest factor in opening my eyes to His truth was studying Church history.  I was completely turned off to the religion I grew up in and then I found my way to a prominent international Hebrew Roots ministry.  I couldn't get enough of the knowledge that I was learning, but that seemed to be all I was getting.  Strangely enough, even after following this ministry for close to 9 months, it never dawned on me that I should be keeping the commandments!  I was completely drunk on obtaining knowledge that I was blind to anything else.   To be honest, a part of me just wanted to be right.  I wanted to be right and walking in His Spirit wasn't a goal at that time because the knowledge satisfied me.  Once I started observing the Sabbath and moving towards trying to be obedient to the commands, Father really started to work on me.  He lead me towards understanding serving Him in Spirit and Truth and understanding the covenant I wanted to enter in with Him.  Knowledge is good, but it does not stand alone.  His Spirit is what causes us to obtain the knowledge that leads us to salvation and empowers us to walk in that truth.  That truth is revealed in Yeshua, our Messiah, the Word made flesh.

In John 15:26, Yeshua explains that the Helper that was yet to come would be the Spirit of truth and would testify of Him, Yeshua.  This statement can be used as a benchmark by which we can discern where and to who we should be submitting ourselves to.  YeHoVaH can work through His creation as He sees fit.  Individuals from all walks of life can reveal all sorts of valid information, but some in this walk to keep the commandments of YeHoVaH and the testimony of Yeshua can become entangled with certain avenues to receive knowledge.  Just as we go to school and learn from secular teachers, we must realise that some people are equipped to offer a historical record of events and practices.  However, because we view this information as being connected to our spiritual understanding and growth, that's where some of us can get into trouble.  What good is having such knowledge if it leads you in rebellion to the Almighty?  Are we trying to simply impress those around us with information?  Information that we don't even put into practice.  Someone once read a quote from a book that stated, "we are already educated well beyond our level of obedience". The Spirit of truth, Yeshua, will lead and instruct us.  Let's do what He has already commanded in His Word first!  If we are not filled with the Holy Spirit, we will be swayed by every wind of doctrine.  The Spirit testifies of Yeshua, so guard your heart when on your journey of seeking knowledge for He should be premier above all.


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