Formula 1 pt3

July 27, 2017

From the teaching ONE pt3

So far I’ve really been enjoying this series of teachings.  It has really been speaking to my heart about the many ways we find oneness in walking with Yeshua.  How to be one with Yeshua, YeHoVaH, our spouse, and our brethren, but Marcus pointed out something that deserves a bit of attention.  He mentioned how it’s difficult for a person that doesn’t love themselves to become one with anybody.  I see so many examples of this and I believe it’s more prevalent than we know.  It’s not about how the world says we should love ourselves, but just understanding that shame and self loathing is a barrier to becoming one with the Father.  Many times it’s a tool of the flesh to keep us focused on our own lack of self righteousness.  We have to allow the Father to deal with us the way He knows best and receive whatever He recommends to switch us over to the right path.  Self loathing and hatred is a tool of the enemy. If we are bogged down with our own shortcomings without the desire to even change them, then we can’t be used for anything.  The only thing we are good for is to sit in a corner somewhere licking our wounds.  Instead, we should make the commitment to submit to Him and when we stumble, get up and dust ourselves off and get back on the horse.  It’s about progress and maturing in His love and His ways.  We have to always keep in mind that He needs us.  He needs us to be His hands and feet so the next time the urge comes to have a pity party, just think about where He’s brought you from and what He has waiting for you.  How He desires to use you to bless someone, to help deliver someone, to show His love towards someone.

Becoming one with the Father is hindered by these negative views we have of ourselves, so it’s essential that it’s dealt with properly.  Trying to skip past your spouse or children won’t work either.  Ever tried to just be in Father’s presence while neglecting your spouse?  Well, if He’s dealt with you the same way He’s dealt with me, it didn’t work.  I can remember being upset with my husband for some reason and trying to get in my space to observe Shabbat.  All I did was bring His conviction upon my head until I reconciled with my husband.  My heart was not in the right place and He called me out on it.  A marriage covenant is a picture of the relationship we have with Messiah.  We are called to join together as one flesh, Genesis 2:24.  Exchanging the strongest bonds we’ve had with mother and father for the one with our spouse.  Likewise, we are to exchange the strong bonds we’ve created with worldly things for the greatest bond with Messiah.  This has nothing to do with leaving mama and daddy out in the cold once we are married or come into covenant with Father.  It’s about giving everything it’s proper place and it is Father’s desire that we love, honor, and nurture our relationships; especially with parents and spouses.

For us to honestly become one with our Heavenly Father or our spouse, we have to seriously be committed.  It requires love and submission and is not something that one can fake.  Like I mentioned earlier, this journey is about progress.  Many of us came to YeHoVaH as adults and have deeply ingrained strongholds to be rooted out.  But instead of counting all of the things we’ve yet to overcome, look at where He’s brought us!  Keep putting one foot in front of the other  seeking the leading of His Spirit every moment, and that’s not an exaggeration.  The wonderful thing is that He’s given us His written Word to help us get on the right path and also His Spirit to lead us.  When we commit to become one with Him, He will teach us just how to become one with our spouse and with our brethren.  That’s what I love about YeHoVaH.  If you ask for help with this walk, you can rest assured that He will answer you.  We may not always be in a place of maturity to listen/obey, but He will answer.


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