Be exceptional!

Be exceptional!

January 15, 2019

I wanted to touch base with you with regards to living exceptionally and being exceptional. Recently when I was teaching my children - I homeschool our children - and I was just amazed at their level of progress. The questions that I wrote down, were quite difficult. I was asking additions, multiplications and take away questions. My youngest daughter is four years old and she was able to do it. I've been trained as a primary school teacher, and so I was able to compare the questions she was answering to those one or two years older than her. This made me rejoice and begin to think about being exceptional.

I first began to entertain the notion of homeschooling and started discussing it with my wife and family. We were making plans. We were making decisions. We were researching. Yet, because of the thing that you’re planning is not the norm, people can get concerned - especially people who are close to you. Family and friends can be concerned, they can be worried for you. They may be coming from a place of love, but the comments you may hear could be that which you could perceive to be negative - against what you plan to do. 

“it's gonna be difficult”

“what about when they get older” 

“what about interaction with other children” 

When you're dealing with people, there's a pathway that has been provided for us - A safe and secure road. The road has been traveled. People you know, they say “this is the way to get to where everyone else is”. But, as a teacher I've been in classrooms. I've been in a whole variety of different schools, so I know. I have a good idea as to what a school is like 

But we're talking about you. With that being said, if you want to be exceptional (if you look at the word exceptional it refers to an exception) you have to do something which other people are not doing. You have to be the exception from the norm. Now, I'm a man of God so this is not like a motivational speech, but it should motivate you because the fuel of being exceptional is faith - 100%, these are facts. In this particular example I believed, I had faith. I had hope. I wanted an outcome for my children. I wanted my children to be raised up and formed into the next generation of the children of Israel. I wanted them to be independent thinkers, but to have a faith in the God of their father - me. I didn't want other people telling them what to believe, and how believe it. I didn't want other people giving them what is normal, because what is normal in a school in East London isn't normal for a school in West London. I don't want other people setting the expectations for my children. I wanted to do that, and as a result I believed that the best way for me to achieve that outcome was for me to to home-school.

My exceptional children, the exceptional outcome was fuelled by faith and that faith was in what the word of God says. I believed I should raise up my children in a way that they should go. I believed that if my earnestly desires for my children was for them to be prepared to walk out this this life as the children of Israel, servants of the Most High, then I needed to exercise my faith and be exceptional - despite what anybody else said. So when all of these comments which were of doubt, of worry, and of concern come flooding in my faith kicked in. 

When we're dealing with being exceptional, the fuel of it being exceptional is faith. What do you believe? what do you have your hope in? 

if your hope is in in the Most High then you're pretty much going to need to be an exception to the norm. 

Peace be unto you - exceptional people of YeHoVaH!

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